Good News Wants to Know… Who would you take to the Museum of the Bible?

If you won a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the Museum of the Bible, one of the top Christian attractions now in America, and you were allowed to take your significant other and three guests (celebrities included), who would you take and why?

museum of the bible
Dr. Mike Rozenblum

Ok, hear me out. I would take Taylor Swift, Elon Musk and Messi, the soccer player. They are the three most influential people I can think of. If by God’s Grace and the Power of the Holy Spirit, the Bible became real and alive to them, it would have an immediate positive impact in the current direction and trajectory of the world.  

Dr. Mike Rozenblum, Genesis Physical Medicine and Chiropractic

museum of the bible
William “Bill” C. Davell

If I won a trip to the Museum of the Bible with my wife, Jane and three others my first guest would be my friend Les Feldman, but I would be too late because Les has already taken us and my next two choices to the Museum. Therefore, I would request the sponsor to expand the offer to two more guests so that Jane and I could take our five grandchildren.

William “Bill” C. Davell, Director, Tripp Scott

Brian Mudd

What a great trip! Three people immediately came to mind. Presidents Biden and Trump – we need our leaders to leader from a position of faith and Father Mike Schmitz to help explain everything to us, so we’d fully appreciate it!

Brian Mudd, Program Director, Host of The Brian Mudd Show, iHeartMedia

museum of the bible
Bob Denison

That trip would be way more fun if I could go with a few people I respect that approach Christianity a little differently. I’d invite Stephan Tchividjian, Rob Bell and Paul Washer.

Bob Denison, President, Denison Yachting

museum of the bible
Chip LaMarca

If I won a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the Museum of the Bible, I would take my wife of 29 years, Eileen, along with my mother who prays the rosary for our family every day. I would also bring my uncle and godfather, who is a Roman Catholic priest and studied in Rome and has made many trips to the Holy Land. Finally, I would bring my former Broward County Commission aide and now ordained Catholic priest, Ryan Saunders.

Chip LaMarca, State Representative, Florida House District 100

church of the bible
Chris Lane

I would love to take along with my wife Wendy, the following people: Nick Saban, Elon Musk and Donald Trump.  I think all of these men are very influential in our society, and I would love to introduce them to Jesus and for them to experience God’s word.  I pray they would get saved and use their platforms to spread the Gospel.

Chris Lane, President, First Priority of South Florida

museum of the bible
Deborah Cusick

When visiting the Museum of the Bible, I’d like to bring a Muslim engineering student so he could understand where Islam’s belief system deviated from our mutual forefathers’ (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) beliefs. I’d like to bring a Hindu philosophy student so he could learn how rational a Biblical worldview is. I’d also like to bring a former Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Schram, who was in the series, Monk, as his assistant. She’s Jewish, but recently became a Jesus follower. I’ve been discipling her over the phone since meeting her in Idaho. She would benefit by learning more about the connection between the Old and New testaments.

Deborah Cusick, FAU Campus Volunteer, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

museum of the bible
Dennis DeMarois

If I won a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the Museum of the Bible, I would take my wife, two daughters and son-in-law to be. Why? Simply put, these are the people who matter most to me, the ones I am responsible for, and those who will carry on my family’s name. I want them to be encouraged in their faith and inspired to share with others. #FamilyFirst

Dennis DeMarois, Executive Director and CEO, Gathering Palm Beach County

museum of the bible
Don Campion

My wife and I would love to take pastors from foreign countries who do not have access to good internet and may never see the detailed history of the Bible as displayed in the museum. These pastors have trusted the Bible in their preaching, but they would be encouraged and excited to see how others have also trusted in the Bible and God has used them in mighty ways in similar far away locations.

Don Campion, President, Banyan Air Service, and Project Leader, Egbe Medical Mission

museum of the bible
Fidel Gomez

The Bible tells us in Ephesians 5:16 and also in Colossians 4:5 that we are to make the “most of every opportunity.” I would, besides my wife, take three people that do not yet know Jesus. 2 Peter 3:9 tells us that it is the Lord’s will for no one to perish but for everyone to come to repentance. Living in these last days should prompt us to let our Gospel light shine like never before. Just my two cents…

Fidel Gomez, Assistant Pastor, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale

museum of the bible
Gregg Wallick

I would take Liz Wallick, Bill Kent, Kim Kent and Les Logan. All brothers and sisters in Christ.

Gregg Wallick, President and CEO, Best Roofing, Inc.

museum of the bible
Helen Wayner P.A.

My husband, daughter and three unsaved friends would be my choice to visit the Museum of the Bible. The tangible knowledge and God’s realty as well as prophetic truths that are evident there will give any unbeliever Hope!

Helen Wayner P.A., Century 21 Hansen Realty

museum of the bible
Dr. Jessica Vera

If I won a trip to the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, the three guests I’d invite would be Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and DJ Khaled. These individuals significantly influence the culture of our young people today; therefore, their realization of the Truth would serve to proliferate His Word, which is much needed today. 

Dr. Jessica Vera, President, Chief Executive Office, Elite Foundation

museum of the bible
Justus Martin

I’d want to make sure to bring those who’d appreciate the experience and who probably even enhance it. First, I’d bring the recently graduated youth I’ve spent a little time mentoring. Second, I’d bring Sam Tripoli, a podcaster who enjoys learning about ancient history. Lastly, I’d bring one of my professors from Bible college who would be able to draw connections and elucidate on history and various exhibits… basically to give a personal tour to the rest of our group.

Justus Martin, Photographer, Justus Martin Photo

museum of the bible
Dr. Mary Drabik

If I won a trip to the Museum of the Bible, I would bring my husband and grandchildren. I believe it is imperative for this next generation to recognize the importance of the Word of God and the sacrifices made by so many in order for us to have a Bible today. “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever” (Isaiah 40:8).

Dr. Mary Drabik, President, South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary

museum of the bible
Mike McDermott, PA

I am too much of a grandfather to want to go to see the Museum of the Bible without my grandkids accompanying me and my wife. Emma, Wyatt and Finn are all the celebrities I would need to enjoy the journey and the visit. They are inquisitive, intelligent and they would love the experience. As would Pap Pap and Nonna!

Mike McDermott, PA, Seniors Real Estate Specialist, The Keyes Company

museum of the bible
Oksana Horton

I would take a family member who is not walking with the Lord but whom I believed would be impacted by the evidence on display regarding the Bible and Jesus. I would also take a child of eight – there is nothing more wonderful than seeing it from the perspective of a child. And finally, a young adult college student who has not been exposed to Christianity. I believe their exposure to this magnificent display of not just the Bible but the overarching grace of God working through the ages would create, at minimum, a desire to further explore the Christian faith and all it has to offer.

Oksana Horton, Artistic Director, Torch and Trumpet Theatre Company

museum of the bible
O’Neal Dozier

If I were to win a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the museum of the Bible and were allowed to take three other quests besides my wife, I would invite three special dedicated members of our church because these special church members truly love hearing the teaching of the word from the Bible. Whenever I am preaching the word of God, these three are very attentive, leaning forward in order to grasp every bit of the word that I am preaching from the Bible. These three members love reading and studying the word of God from the Bible even when they are not in church.

O’Neal Dozier, Pastor, The Worldwide Christian Center

museum of the bible
Ray Monteleone

I would bring my two oldest (college students) granddaughters. This will assist in understanding what grandma and papa find very important in life!
Ray Monteleone, Paladin Global Partners

museum of the bible
Coach Rick Andreassen

If I won a trip to visit The Museum of the Bible, in Washington, D.C., the three people I’d like to take with me, (I’m glad you mentioned I could take my family first and foremost)….then I would like to be able to take Tim Tebow (who I don’t know personally,) but I know he was Homeschooled, and I would love to learn how he consistently applies Biblical principles helping children around the world. I would also like to take Les Feldman, because of our long time friendship, I know he would be great company and I love his deep thinking style. I know he would make the tour extremely interesting for me. And then I would like to take a 30-year-old young man named Timmy, who I’ve taught since he was a little boy, (he has Down Syndrome) and he really, really loves Jesus. I would love to see his joy and enthusiasm touring a place like this. I am sure all of us would have time of Prayer and Praise, time of awe and wonder, (discovering deeper depths of the Bible), and some lighthearted times of joy and laughter, but most of all, I’m sure I could learn a lot from all three of these men how they ‘live out the Bible’ in their daily lives!

Coach Rick Andreassen, Founder/President, SAINTS International Sports Ministry and SAINTS Homeschool P.E.

museum of the bible
Romney C. Rogers

I haven’t made it to DC yet to visit the Museum of the Bible, but I sure have heard a lot of great things about it. Taking guests who are open to the gospel message  but are still trying to come to grips with the Truth of the scriptures would be the people on the  guest list. So my wife Candace and I would make a list of family members, friends, associates and those people in our neighborhood that we believe could be the most impacted by the visit and then go down the list until we have three of them to join us! 

Romney C. Rogers, Managing Partner, Rogers Morris & Ziegler Llp

museum of the bible
Samuel Lamerson, PhD

I would take the faculty from Knox.  Between us we all know something about what the museum holds.  It would be like a trip with experts from every field of biblical study.

Samuel Lamerson, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Biblical Studies, Knox Theological Seminary

museum of the bible
Steve Daigle

If I won a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the Museum of the Bible, outside of my family, which I have already taken, I would like to take our president, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vladimir Putin. Our president because of his position of influence to truly understand and always put the Bible into practice in leading our country. Arnold Schwarzenegger because he was a childhood hero of mine and as a former bodybuilder, actor and governor, still has heavy influence in some of his motivational articles and recent book and could be a powerful force for the Gospel. Finally, I would like for a world leader like Putin to see and understand the Bible and change the way that he leads to seek peace, not war, in his leadership that could help change the world because of the power of Christ.

Steve Daigle, Campus Pastor, Calvary Chapel Parkland

museum of the bible
Steve Solomon

Wow this is a really good one. I’ve been there and it is fabulous. If I won the trip to the Museum of the Bible…I have always wanted to return…My wife and I would love to bring along our son Eric. He is a student of the Bible. Next our Pastor Chris from Calvary Chapel Miami…incredible knowledge of the background and connections in all 66 books to each other. Finally, If my Dad was still alive, he loved history, reading the Old Testament (he was of the Jewish faith), and loved God’s relationship with his people.

Steve Solomon, Area Director, CBMC South Florida

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