Good News Wants to Know… Have you ever witnessed a miracle?

This month Good News Wants to Know… Have you ever witnessed a miracle?

Jesse Carroccio

The greatest miracle I have experienced is the day I gave my heart to Jesus. I was raised in a Christian home, but my parents separated, and I became bitter toward God. My life went downhill fast. The day I forgave my father and committed my life to Jesus marked a drastic change in my life. A change that I could never have imagined.

Jesse Carroccio, Station Manager, WRMB, Moody Radio

William “Bill” C. Davell

This morning I experienced a miracle.  I woke up!  I could breathe, see, hear, smell, sit up, stand up, walk, read His Word and speak and interact in relationship with my wife, Jane.  God gave me another day — now, that’s a miracle.

William “Bill” C. Davell, Director, Tripp Scott PA

Brian Mudd

In 1994 my father went to a doctor due to pressure he felt in his chest. He came out of the visit having been diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. He had a tumor the size of a grapefruit behind his heart and lungs. Due to the size and the proximity to vital organs the treatment options were limited, and the prognosis was grim. He was given only a few months to live. It was a devastating time for my family, but we never gave up hope. We prayed the Rosary daily while we planned for what we’d been told came next. But it never did. My father battled the cancer for the next year and a half, but in the end he won. His oncologist said his recovery was nothing short of a miracle. Though he never told us at the time, he said there were multiple points at which he had clarity that he could have given up, but that he was made aware that his work here wasn’t done yet. My father, and that work, continues to this day. He’s a walking, talking miracle. 

Brian Mudd, Program Director and Host of The Morning Rush & The Brian Mudd Show , iHeartMedia 

Chip LaMarca

I feel like I have witnessed multiple miracles through the work of my uncle and godfather Rev. John Mericantante, the longtime parish priest of a small migrant community church in Pahokee, Florida. He was gifted a 16th century Russian icon, which is a jewel-encrusted painting of the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child from a Palm Beach business owner and friend. This icon has been displayed at the 1933 church that resembles an early farmhouse church. The church was known as a shrine where pilgrims seeking miracles could come to pray. Over the time that my uncle was the pastor of the church, the miracles said to have occurred after people prayed at the church include a woman who had prayed for 10 years to have a baby and then gave birth, and a boy who was cured of a skin disease, as well as a woman who said her husband was cured of cancer. Fr. John said that people are not worshipping the artwork itself, but as they look at it, they view it as a “window into heaven,” and are asking the “Blessed Mother” to intervene. Additionally, the contributions of many generous people, Catholics and Jews alike, made the creation of a new church to replace the 90-year-old building a reality.

Chip LaMarca, State Representative, Florida House District 93

Chris Lane

I think that many people neglect to see the many miracles that happen every day.  The greatest miracles that I have seen have been people getting saved.  Life transformation, people going from being dead in sin to alive in Christ, is the greatest miracle of all.  To think that someone can go from an eternity in hell to a palace in Heaven because of what Jesus did on the cross is an amazing miracle! 

Chris Lane, President First Priority of South Florida

I’m a real simple guy when it comes to the things of God, as I believe God does miracles all the time!  My joy is that I get to occasionally see the part that I get to play in his work on this side of heaven.  Twice per year, I see men make decisions for Christ at the semi-annual Gathering Of Men Breakfasts. And regularly I have men in the marketplace ask me, “can you pray for me,” and then weeks later I hear those very same men say, “I saw God do this.” These very things are miracles and impact the Kingdom and the community that we all love.  “But if I were you, I would appeal to God; I would lay my cause before him. He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted” (Job 5:8-9).  Be Encouraged!

Dennis DeMarois, Executive Director, Gathering Palm Beach County

Deborah Cusick

In ministering to international graduate students at FAU, a couple of years ago I had the opportunity to pray for the young wife of a Hindu couple from Calcutta. Both were in graduate school. She was depressed and in great pain, severely crippled with diagnosed incurable, Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her dear husband had to feed her and care for their three-year-old daughter as well. The Lord glorified Himself as the true God and compassionate healer to this beautiful family when He completely healed this precious wife and mother.

Deborah Cusick, FAU Campus Volunteer, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Gene L. Green, PhD

My life is a miracle. Christ sees me, loves me, calls me, forgives me, has mercy on me, and gives me hope day by day, night by night. Yes, my wife and I have also seen the miracles of God’s provision and healing; lots of stories. But could I recommend the tremendous work by Dr. Craig Keener of Asbury Seminary, Miracles Today: The Supernatural Work of God in the Modern World (Baker Academic, 2021)? It’s a follow up to his two-volume must-read study entitled Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts (Baker Academic, 2011).  

Gene L. Green, PhD, Dean, Trinity International University – Florida

Helen Wayner P.A.

Miracles do happen today!! Ours was almost thirty-five years ago. Though they are ongoing everyday of our lives, some are undoubtedly a miracle we can see. Our daughter was born at 26 and a half weeks gestation, two and a half pounds at birth and down to 1.6 pounds and spent three months in Jackson Memorial. We saw God’s hand as the doctors and nurses cared for her around the clock. I won’t go into detail, but she is here and thriving! A college graduate and working in ministry. That’s God!!!❤️

Helen Wayner P.A., Century 21 Hansen Realty

Dr. Jessica Vera

One of the greatest miracles I had the privilege to witness has been the transformation that the Love of Christ ignited in a twenty-year-old victim who survived human trafficking. When we met her, she was dark in the obvious grips of the enemy. Over a relatively short period of time, I witnessed how Light returned to her body, mind, and her soul. She was a lovely young lady to begin with but after her transformation she became luminescent. It is not often that I have had the privilege to witness the fruit of the seeds we plant within our Call. This miracle experience will forever be imprinted in my heart. 

Dr. Jessica Vera, President, Chief Executive Officer, Elite Foundation

Larry Lacy

I believe those of us who are now saved have seen God do a great miracle. And that is the salvation of our souls. If you ask, how can God take a hard (evil) heart and make it pliable (compassionate)? The answer is: It’s unexplainable. Therefore, it’s a miracle! Amen!

Larry Lacy, Pastor, The Answer Church

Dr. Mary Drabik

There are a “million little miracles” I have experienced, but one of the most recent ones is my newest little granddaughter. There were long years of questions and waiting, but also the promise of God’s faithfulness and hope. It was a miracle that she was conceived and then she was born almost 8 weeks early. She was in NICU for a month (during a pandemic), but now she is healthy and thriving! While our journey did not look the way we thought it would, through it all God is so good and so very faithful!

Dr. Mary Drabik, President, South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary

Mike McDermott, PA

While I have never had a “red sea parting” experience, I have to say that nothing was more miraculous to me than witnessing the births of two of my grandchildren. I have been blessed to know them from their very first breaths, and one is soon to be 14 and the other just turned 6. I get to relive that miracle every time I see them.

Mike McDermott, PA, Seniors Real Estate Specialist, The Keyes Company

Oksana Horton

I believe I witness miracles weekly when I see people make decisions for Christ and get baptized at church or a Christian event. I know how radically it has changed my life over these last 33 years and the amazing impact it has had on my family. “Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the presence of angels of God over one sinner who repents” (Luke 15:10).

Oksana Horton, Artistic Director, Torch & Trumpet Theatre Company

O’Neal Dozier

Within the past 36 years, I have conducted many miracle healing services where I have personally witnessed the miraculous healing power of God touching and healing those who were diseased and afflicted. In our miracle healing services, I have personally witnessed many people healed from various illnesses, even from excruciating pain in their bodies. I have even witnessed those who were wheelchair-bound stand up and walk. Praise the Lord.

O’Neal Dozier, Pastor, The Worldwide Christian Center

Coach Rick Andreassen

A miracle of God that I have witnessed (and that I am living out today), is the fact that my wife Faye & I met 38 years ago on Fort Lauderdale Beach in 1984 as teenagers… Back then we had both been living in two different countries (Canada & US) and God has brought us back together this many years later, and five weeks ago, we had the privilege to go back to that EXACT SAME SPOT on Fort Lauderdale Beach and exchange our wedding vows to become husband and wife!! That may not seem like a miracle to everyone… but it is positively a miracle to us!!!!

Coach Rick Andreassen, Founder and President, SAINTS of Florida Homeschool P.E. and SAINTS International Sports Ministry

Steve Daigle

The miracle that I witnessed was the birth of our twins. For 4 years we were told that we were not able to have children. We took a step of faith and started fostering. While we were fostering two boys, God blessed us with twins of our own, and we ended up adopting the two boys. God blessed us with a child for each year of trying, and every time I look at our children, I am reminded that we serve a God of miracles. 

Steve Daigle, Campus Pastor, Calvary Chapel Parkland

Rev. Dr. Ted Greer, Jr.

Yes, God allowed me to personally experience a miracle from the chronic disease of Diabetes and insulin dependency.  Nineteen years ago, I was told while hospitalized that I will not survive without a daily regimen of insulin.  There has been no insulin pumped into my body since my discharge from the hospital, January of 2003.  Thank God, I am very much still alive and well today, praising God and forever giving Him thanks.   I am a miracle believer!

Rev. Dr. Ted Greer, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Hope South Florida

Tewannah Aman

My mother had a heart attack in the mid-90’s. She was told that she would be a cardiac cripple if she survived. The diagnosis was over 70% of her heart was damaged. We were told to call the family, because the end was near. While we cried and called, a pastor from the Miracle Temple hobbled over with a cane, and said he heard our cries and would like to pray for healing. Within several days, my mother awoke and regained her strength. The cardiac catheter showed a “new heart.” Doctor Ibraham was amazed. His quote, “Her heart is completely healed.  It looks better than mine. A miracle.” She lived until 2008. We praise God for His mercy and love. He is a God of miracles.

Tewannah Aman, Executive Director, Broward Right to Life

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