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Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect, Matthew LiebermanWhether you’re relaxing beneath the swaying leaves of a palm tree or waiting for time to pass at the doctor’s office, everyone needs a good book on hand. Reading not only entertains the mind, but grows and enlightens it as well. A good book allows for one to see new perspectives as the reader enters into a world created by its author. Utilize your free time productively and pick up one (or more!) of these must-read new releases and best sellers to engage in, be encouraged by and learn from!

One Light Still Shines, Marie Monville
This book is a unique take on a tremendous tragedy. The true story of ten girls shot, five of them killed, at an Amish school house located in Pennsylvania makes one wonder how a person could be so corrupt. Imagine however, being the wife of that murderer, a woman having not the slightest clue of the devastation that was to come.
This is an astonishing story of grace and forgiveness, of coping and restoration. This book will bring you along the journey of Marie Monville, as she rediscovers hope and grows a better understanding of a seemingly impossible situation. In even the darkest of days, a light still shines. “It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, God is in the midst of them. He can take the most broken destroyed situation and bring beauty and life into it.” – Marie Monville

My Story, Elizabeth Smart
Torments, beatings and rape were all real to Elizabeth Smart for nine months of her teenage life after being kidnapped and held captive by an insane man who claimed to be a prophet. This book explores how Smart overcame overwhelming trauma and let go of the pain of her past. My Story will take you through Smart’s entire journey from the kidnapping until the escape; from the most hopeless of moments to her new life as a married woman, free from all that once held her down.

David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell
From the author of the popular best sellers Blink and Outliers, Malcom Gladwell brings us his latest work named after the renowned Bible story of the impossible becoming possible. This book teaches how beating the odds may be more likely than we think. Gladwell takes numerous angles and makes brilliant connections throughout the book. You will come to discover that what you feel is a disadvantage in your life may actually turn out to be your greatest advantage.

Hope in Front of Me, Danny Gokey
Ex-American Idol finalist and author Danny Gokey shares his one-of-a-kind story of how hope was found out of darkness. After the tragic death of his wife, Gokey started Sophia’s Heart Foundation in her honor. This organization helps homeless families and provides music and arts programs for children, scholarships, and helps families in need get back on their feet. Gokey encourages readers who are walking through a dark time, to “just keep walking.”

Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect, Matthew Lieberman
Social explores the need we have as humans to connect with others. Revealed is the latest neuroscience research which helps us to understand more about how humans are wired. At the core if it all, we were created for relationships and connection to others. Social interaction touches on our deepest need to love and be loved, to feel belonging, and to be connected to the world around us. Any reader will find this book intriguing and relatable, proving the importance of engagement and communication with the people around us.

Within the Walls, Stephanie Bennett
In a world of increasing technology and fast-paced schedules, the rich quality of interpersonal relationships is in rapid decline. Virtual interactions have become the norm, so much so that it is rare to find a person without a smart phone in reach at all times.

Within the Walls takes the reader into the future through the life of main character, 29 year old, Emilya. This thought-provoking novel has romance and mystery weaved into its pages, making it a challenge for any reader to put down. This fictional work will cause reflection on the effects technology has not only on our life and our relationships, but on our society as a whole. Keep your eyes peeled for Breaking the Silence, the sequel to Book One of this must-read series, coming to the shelves soon.

One Thousand Gifts, Ann Voskamp
As we live our day to day lives ruled by to-do lists, work schedules, and deadlines, it is easy to get caught up in the discouragement and heaviness these tasks bring. We tend to think that that enjoying life will come on the weekend or at the next planned vacation. This book serves as a reminder that our one life to live is now. To experience the fullest of joy no matter the task on hand, we must breathe in gratitude in our every moment. This uplifting read will guide you in uncovering the keys to living fully and finding the utmost enjoyment today.

Gatekeeper, Terry Craig
This fictional political thriller, takes its readers into the lives of nine main characters, each facing situations bigger than themselves. Gatekeeper is Book One in a novel trilogy that will teach lessons of love, truth, ethics and, most importantly, faith.

Tori Sollars is a student at Palm Beach Atlantic University. She can be reached at [email protected].

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