Got Kids? Take Notes!

raising childrenThe new parenting book Got kids? Take notes! written by Norma Smoker and Rachel Smoker-Cox was launched May 7, 2013.

Got kids? Take notes! represents a compilation of Smoker’s experiences and knowledge gained while hosting a radio show, where she interviewed best-selling authors, doctors, psychologists, and internationally-known Fortune 500 speakers. It also draws on Smoker’s extensive work with family outreach organizations and, most importantly, raising her two daughters.
Each vignette brings warm, interesting insights to parents facing the challenges of raising children at different stages. Comments like “You are not simply raising children; you are bringing them up to become wise, independent, self-confident, happy, and responsible adults,” “Triple dose your children with unconditional love,” and, “Good etiquette breeds compliments and compliments breed self-confidence,” are just a few of the wise perspectives Ms. Smoker brings to the reader’s attention.

Many parents can relate to “If I had a second chance.” Here is what she says:
“Two of my favorite family movies are The Kid with Bruce Willis, and Hook with Robin Williams. I love, love, love these movies! In both movies, the main characters are given a second chance at life. Here is what I would do differently as a mom if I had a second chance.

I would stop moving so fast. I would focus less on crossing items off my daily to-do list, and think more along the lines of, “Why do today what you can do tomorrow?”

I would wait to clean and organize the house until after the children left for college. It would give me the freedom to enjoy life more, and I would fret less.

I would welcome interruptions from my children, and I would kneel down at these interruptions, look into my toddler’s eyes and listen more attentively. I’d drink in their precious baby features as they chat away.”

Smoker’s passion is helping families handle the pressures of parenting. Through her elective coaching, parents learn to become the parents they always wanted to have and to create a home where everyone is happy to return to at the end of the day!

“Parents have a short window of time to impart their values and teach kids right from wrong. In a world where we are all moving too fast, it’s more important than ever to do all we can to nudge each other in the right direction to bring the best version out of our children. Remember, you only get one shot at it!” says Smoker.

Norma Smoker is a sought-after speaker for family and business organizations, churches, schools, and workshops. Her topics range from personal dynamics and relationships, leadership, developing effective communication and organizational skills to education, marriage, and other family matters.

Smoker received a Bachelor of Arts in Education from McGill University. Her involvement with family outreach began in 1990 when she founded and served as Director of the HOME (Helping Our Mothers Excel) Group, in Fort Lauderdale. Since 1990, she has helped produce countless events and conferences in South Florida. To date, more than 2,300 copies of Got kids? Take notes! have been donated to parents and organizations working with families in Broward County. The book is available on and in kid-friendly retailers in the tri-County area. Funds from these sources are used to reprint the book to continue providing copies to other nonprofit groups and hospital birthing centers throughout South Florida.

Here are three reviews on for Got kids? Take notes! from parents who have read the book: “A unique One-Minute Manager format with love and humor.” “The real-life examples and short stories make this an ideal gift book!” “This book is excellent for moms on the run.”

Fathers appreciate the easy-to-read format and “Bottom Line” tips. This quick reference guide to raising children consists of 21 notes in only 88 pages, yet seems to cover a wealth of subjects. It provides a well-needed jump-start for all parents.

Got kids? Take notes! is funny, honest, and logical. It speaks to the child in all of us and is helpful whether you are a parent, grandparent, or childcare worker. Is there a perfect, universal method to raising children? No! Because no parents are perfect, and all families are different. You do your best, then let God do the rest. And pray a lot!

Norma Smoker is a freelance writer, public speaker, and author. Contact Norma at [email protected].

What are some parenting strategies that you have learned and used over the years? Email [email protected] and tell us about them!

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