Guardians of Hope Train to End The Demand

Pictured from left to right: Hamish Reed, Ayinde Reid, Tony Senat, Dominick Stokes

The Elite Foundation (End Lost Innocence to Exploitation) hosted their signature Guardians Of Hope – End the Demand ­Defender Training on February 19th at American Combat Gym/Physical Fitness Center in Deerfield Beach. Held in collaboration with a collective of organizations, experts and advocates in the field of anti-human trafficking, End the Demand is a national initiative that extends the reach of the message of Hope to inspire men to get actively involved to End It.

Experts help End the Demand

Featured experts included Self-Defense Trainers Dominick Stokes and Tony Senat, Federal Law

Enforcement Professionals, and Ayinde Reid, President/CEO of Indi Heart and Mind Inc. as well as an End the Demand panel of experts and authors of CHOSEN – Kingdom Men Rise.

This event focused on helping empower and tangibly equip defenders of the vulnerable with practical strategies to protect and to become more self-and-other aware. There was training, learning, fellowship, and great eats for all who participated.

The house was packed with “all ages” to learn about awareness in honor of the many lives stolen and lost to the crimes of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

End Lost Innocence to Exploitation (ELITE) Foundation is a survivor-lead 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to end sexual exploitation and trafficking through prevention, intervention, and restoration strategies to transform lives. Be sure to Click to be part of the solution!

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