Hannah’s Home Breaks Ground on Expanded Housing

hannah's home
Pastor Paul Beresford, Carol Beresford, Abby Brennan, Council Member Rick Sartory

Hannah’s Home of South Florida broke ground on two duplex cottages for single mothers on Thursday, Nov. 30, housing that will boost capacity by 50 percent.

To build the duplexes, Hannah’s Home is partnering with Hedrick Brothers Construction, Carrier’s Construction, Olson Design Group, JMorton & Landscape Architecture, Last Devenport Inc., BFT Development and Belvedere Contracting Inc.

Earlier this year at the nonprofit’s annual gala, Hannah’s Home raised over $500,00 towards its program and campus expansion. Founder Carol Beresford said she has long dreamt of expanding in Tequesta in order to house more at-risk pregnant women.

“I am overjoyed to see my dream being realized,” she said. “Our vision is not only to provide a haven, but to guide our residents to self-sufficiency. These cottages represent the next level of our commitment, and we are so thankful for the partnerships that are making this possible.”

About Hannah’s Home

With a maximum capacity of eight mothers and their children, Hannah’s Home receives over 200 calls per year from women in search of safety and hope. The cottages will house four additional residents who have completed the initial two-year program and who are transitioning into a more independent lifestyle.

“It’s an honor to work with Hannah’s Home,” said Dale Hedrick, CEO of Hedrick Brothers Construction. “We are partners in a shared vision of creating positive change and I believe these cottages will stand as a beacon of hope for individuals in need.”

Hannah’s Home serves pregnant women aged 18 to 30, offering safety, life skills training, educational support, mentoring, spiritual development and case management. They also receive expert prenatal care, medical care, mental health counseling and other critical needs met. Since opening in 2012, the Home has served over 80 women and their children.

More information is available at www.hannahshomesf.org.

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