Hannah’s Home Receives $15,000 Grant for Mental Healthcare

For the fourth consecutive year, Hannah’s Home of South Florida has received granted funds from Quantum Foundation for the mental health needs of the single, pregnant young women in the home’s care. 

“Adequate counseling in terms of both frequency and expertise will significantly help our residents prepare for their new roles as mothers,” said Joanne Dively, chief operating officer for Hannah’s Home.

hannah's home
From left to right it’s Betty Wolcott (Operations Coordinator), Joanne Dively (Chief Operating Officer), and Mary Arden Carroll (PR Manager).

The COVID-19 pandemic has only compounded the mental health challenges associated with unplanned pregnancy, which for resident mothers at Hannah’s Home often include loss, neglect, drug and/or alcohol abuse and sexual assault. “The need for regular counseling, therefore, is great,” Dively said.

Quantum Foundation is a health foundation that was formed from $135 million in proceeds from the sale of JFK Medical Center. Now in its third decade of community investment, the foundation has assets of approximately $170 million. Since its inception, Quantum Foundation has awarded $150 million to hundreds of Palm Beach County nonprofit grantees. Quantum approved the funding sought by Hannah’s Home for its Mental Health Matters project, which provides weekly therapy sessions to each resident.

Hannah’s Home offers a two-year residential program that provides food, lodging, clothing, and medical care. Since its doors opened in 2011, 65 infants have found a home at Hannah’s Home. With a maximum capacity of eight women and their children, Hannah’s Home now is serving three resident mothers and their babies, with two more babies on the way. 

Providing a safe and loving Christian environment for single, pregnant young women, Hannah’s Home is a maternity facility with a mission of offering hope and transforming lives through counseling, life skills development and educational opportunities. More information is available at hannahshomesf.org.

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