Is Your Heart Right, Wrong or Hurting?

heart1I could be wrong, but it seems that over the last few years the world has made a rapid change. Many things have changed as technology advances.

My husband and I disagree on this one point as I often say things got worst. He says things have not gotten worst but technology has made us more aware of things happening everywhere.

I’m sure there are many supporters on both sides of this argument. Jesus said, “and because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold.”

How do we protect ourselves from the negativity?

I was driving recently on a long excursion and found myself asking the question, Lord when will you return? It was followed by another thought. Are you ready? If he should return today, will you be ready?

I couldn’t readily say yes, maybe because I’ve had so much to deal with lately, emotionally, spiritually, physically.

Everyone is fighting a battle; it might be health, marriage, job, personal. I finally asked myself, “Is my heart right, wrong or hurting?”

Is there hope for a wounded spirit? Yes there is. According to Psalms 143:3, “He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds” (NLT).He made provision for each and every one of us regardless of our positions and experience in the journey of life.


Wound care

Most recently 50 persons were killed in a vicious attack at a night club in Orlando Florida, another 53 were injured. This left many grieving families, many broken hearts, many wounded spirit and a nation hurting.

I thought about wound care and how skilled you must be to prevent it breaking further or festering. It takes a skilled professional to be diligent in dressing the wound to make sure the skin doesn’t break any further.

There are many kinds of wounds; some are deeper than others, requiring both cleansing and dressing. This kind of care the Lord gives to his people —  many who are broken and wounded on the inside.

These wounds are often caused by words spoken to us, experiences we may have had or a series of disappointments.

Internal wounds sometimes bleed and require immediate attention as internal bleeding can lead to further complications, even a stroke.

All wounds require cleansing. This cleansing is provided through his word. He binds up our wound to protect it from bacteria and prevents it from festering causing more discomfort and pain.

In taking care of our wound, the Lord makes sure there’s no additional injury. He knows the history of our wound, which is important. He understands the circumstances surrounding the injury and that the wound has no foreign particles or dirt on the inside.

This is so important because suturing or covering a wound with foreign particles will only cause further problems. It might even end up requiring surgery. So as to not let that happen with our hearts, the Master searches our heart and thoughts.

As he searches, the Holy Spirit highlights areas we need to let go of such as unforgiveness, hatred, bitterness and fear.

Cleaning these areas can cause discomfort, and patients would often rather not have to endure these procedures if they can find a way out.

He checks for additional problems that can potentially compromise our spiritual immune system. He knows how long his child has been wounded and that the time lapse between injury and care can cause higher risk of infection.

Some wounds can be so bad they require surgery. God opens us; he cleans out every dirty or foreign particle through his word, then he sutures or staples us to make sure whatever he deposits in us is stored in our once broken heart.

He deposits his peace, forgiveness, patience, love, joy, hope to fill the empty places, then he binds up all our wounds. Hallelujah! After this he covers these areas with his love until we are healed and can no longer feel the pain.

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