Heaven is for Real: Just Maybe the Real Thing

I remember picking up Heaven is for Real at the bookstore and being a bit skeptical. Haven’t we all heard a story or two of people dying for a short period of time and sharing their experience of Heaven…or Hell.

I questioned how accurate a young child could recall an event like this, if it did actually happen. Doubts aside, I started to read the book the following day. Written in a simple, yet compelling manner, I couldn’t put it down and finished it in one sitting! After reading the book I am completely convinced that four year old Colton Burpo did in fact go to Heaven, did meet our Heavenly Father and has a very important message that he wants all of us to hear – that “Heaven is a real place, Jesus really loves children and that we all need to be ready- there is a last battle coming”.

Heaven is for Real BookHeaven is for Real is the true account of Colton Burpo who slipped from consciousness during an emergency appendectomy and visited Heaven for a short period of time. Over the months and years after the surgery, Colton began to tell his parents about his experience, dropping little pieces of information about what he saw, who he spoke to and what God was really like. Though his parents did not know what to think when Colton first started sharing what had happened to him during his visit to Heaven, it was soon clear to them that their son was serious, as he now held certain pieces of information that had never been shared with him before. Let me explain…

Colton recalls being taken out of his body and being able to look down at what was going on around him – he details everything from the surgeon performing the operation to seeing his father off in a private waiting room praying for him. He continues on in the book describing to his parents that he met his great-grandfather – a man who had died some 30 years before he was born – and shares specific details about him that he had no way of knowing.

The clincher for me in this book was about halfway through, when Colton, completely out of the blue, blurts to his parents that he met his other sister in Heaven and in fact, knows he really has two sisters. His mother Sonja  was stunned; his father speechless. Colton’s parents had never mentioned the baby that they had lost years earlier to Colton, thinking he may have been too young to fully understand. He describes to his parents how the baby “died in mommy’s belly” and had dark hair, like her mother. Sonja, though filled with various emotions at this point, is overjoyed with knowing that she would have given birth to a baby girl – they had never had the chance to find out the sex of the baby. Her only question for Colton was a simple one: “What was her name?”

“She doesn’t have a name. You guys didn’t name her,” he answered. Questioning how he could possibly know that, Sonja replied, “You’re right Colton. We didn’t even know she was a she.”

In addition to having impossible-to-know details about the many different aspects of the Burpo’s life, Colton also gives amazing descriptions and insights about what Heaven is all about and what Christ is really like.

If you are a skeptic at heart who has read one too many poorly written afterlife experience books, I believe that Heaven is for Real could be the one that makes up for all of the others. It is a refreshing book with some amazing revelations within it. It will take you on a touching journey of what may await us in Heaven, and I believe it has the power to silence even the harshest skeptic out there.

Heaven is for Real is available at your local bookstore, or you can find more information about the book by visiting: www.heavenisforreal.net

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