Heavenly Bits – Good News Food Review

Guido’s Restaurant & Pizzeria
1860 North Nob Hill Road
Plantation, FL 33322
Open for Lunch & Dinner

Many people who relocate to South Florida from the Northeast are on the hunt for a few specific food items after they make the move; bagels, pizza and good Italian food. While the jury is still out regarding great bagels, I can tell you where to find the other items. My chance encounter with Guido’s happened a few weeks ago. Busy running errands, I quickly peeked into the window of the restaurant’s new location in Plantation.

Something immediately caught my eye; gigantic Sicilian slices of pizza covered with massive amounts of toppings! I immediately reminisced of my life growing up in New York and enjoying delicious slices of pizza heavily topped with baked ziti or chicken parmigiana. Curious, I had a closer look.]

Kayla, one of the friendly waitresses at Guido’s, informed me that the restaurant’s thick Sicilian slices can be topped with anything the heart desires.  This particular day, two specials were being offered as toppings on the pizza – chicken scarpariella and meatball parmigiana. Having a difficult time trying to decide, I opted for a slice of both; I was in heaven. The chicken scarpariella pizza was topped with enormous amounts of scrumptious chicken, roasted garlic, sliced sausage, roasted red peppers, olives, pepperoni, artichokes and onions. Each pizza slice is quite thick and remains crunchy even when topped with all of these items and sauce. An added bonus, the slice is literally large enough to make two meals out of each one – well worth the $4.95 price tag per slice. The meatball parmigiana slice was equally delightful, loaded with chunks of meatballs, thick ricotta and mozzarella cheese.

In addition to the fantastic pizza, Guido’s also offers some home-style Italian dishes your grandmother used to make – stuffed artichokes and rice balls in sauce.  Both of these items were full of flavor and, like the pizza, were large in portion size. The rice ball was loaded with rice, meat, peas and cheese and was covered in a thick sauce; I enjoyed it so much, I’ve returned for two more since!

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