Help Her, Period Assist Homeless Women

Help Her, PeriodOver 25 excited volunteers along with The Beauty Initiative, Inc. assembled more than 300 bags of hygiene products for local homeless women in need on August 13.. After becoming aware of the taboo issue of homeless women lacking monthly menstrual necessities, Ashley L Eubanks began the “Help Her, Period” movement, a campaign that collected sanitary items to distribute to the women on the streets of South Florida. Ashley forfeited her plans of a lavish 30th birthday party and requested that she receive sanitary items instead of gifts. She promoted on social media to local organizations and with flyers papered around the city in hopes that the community would assist. Only a month and four days shy of her birthday, Ashley collected more than 12,000 products! With an initial goal of creating 100 bags, The Beauty Initiative founder and volunteers made over three hundred bags to distribute (with more to spare).

The stuffed bags will be distributed to homeless women on the streets of South Florida and local shelters such as Women in Distress. With plans to host more donation drives and empowerment events, The Beauty Initiative has shown they are here for the women of South Florida.

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