His House ranked #1 in South Florida

MIAMI – His House Children’s Home (His House), a non-profit organization that provides residential care, and foster parent and adoption services to abused and abandoned children, has again been ranked the #1 full-case management agency of the quarter by Our Kids of Miami-Dade and Monroe, Inc., the local lead agency for child welfare in Miami and the Keys.

Out of seven child welfare agencies that serve South Florida, His House earned the highest score for the second quarter in a row. Having exceeded its adoption goal by 54% in the 2008-2009 fiscal year, the organization seeks to double its goals in 2010.

“Our team works very hard to ensure that the children we serve are safe and well taken care of,” says His House Counsel/Project Director Liz Anon. “We have an exceptional team that does not consider it a job but a mission, to reach permanent guardianship by reunifying children with their parents and through adoptions.”

Recognizing November as National Adoption Month, His House Children’s Home continues to provide excellent care, hope and help to hundreds of families and children in crisis.

Three changed lives
Sean met Dominic playing basketball while volunteering at His House Children’s Home. There was such a connection that Sean brought his wife, Trisha, to visit a few days later.

Trisha and Sean, a young couple in their 30s, came to Miami in search of a baby to adopt. They visited His House and fell in love with this 15-year-old boy. They invited him to their home in Kansas for one month this summer. When he arrived at the airport, 20 family members welcomed him with signs. He was then taken to a huge party prepared just for him.

Dominic and Sean hit if off. Dominic’s dream is to be an inner-city pastor one day; Sean and his wife are in full-time Life . Dominic loves to rap, having performed three of his rap songs at the His House summer camp closing event. Sean also enjoys composing rap and other songs.

Dominic came back from his trip very excited, calling Sean his dad. During Dominic’s monthlong wait to be placed with his new family, he and Sean would talk on the phone at least three times a day. They’d share about their day, write rap songs on the phone and pray together.

Dominic is now thriving with this family, attending a Christian high school and playing on their soccer team. He recently contacted Sherry, his house parent during his stay at His House, to let her know he scored his first goal – the only goal his team scored in that game. Our prayer and Dominic’s is that his friends waiting for families at His House will receive the same blessing soon.

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