History Fort Lauderdale Exhibits Art of Tim Forman and Friends

tim forman
Tim Forman in front of his work at History Fort Lauderdale with Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Steve Glassman and History Fort Lauderdale Executive Director Patricia Zeiler.

History Fort Lauderdale, celebrating 60 years of being the proud steward of our community’s past by making our heritage accessible and engaging to residents and visitors, will present “Tranquil Tropics: The Art of Tim Forman & Friends” from Sunday, July 10 through Sunday, September 11. This all-new summer art exhibit featuring Forman’s award-winning work alongside lauded local artists including Dan Caldwell, Linda Apriletti, Hitomi Saito, Diane Delorey, Tammy Seymour, Danielle Perry and Connie Commette will focus on Florida’s tropical beauty and its conservation. The exhibit will open with an artist group meet and greet reception at noon on July 10 at the New River Inn, located at 231 Southwest Second Avenue in Fort Lauderdale.

History Fort Lauderdale and Tim Forman

“Our History Fort Lauderdale supporter, friend and artist extraordinaire Tim Forman has curated an exceptional collection of artworks for our all-new ‘Tranquil Tropics’ summer exhibit,” said Patricia Zeiler, executive director of History Fort Lauderdale. “These hand-picked talented local artists have captured the beauty and serenity our regional landscapes, wildlife and people in oil and acrylics. We invite art lovers of all ages to immerse themselves and enjoy these amazing museum-quality original creations.”

Tim Forman

Tim Forman is the third generation of Formans to have been born and reared in South Florida. He first picked-up the brush at nine years old under the instruction of Peter Olsen. By 17, Forman was receiving commissions. Primarily a self-taught artist, Forman’s work is the result of dedicated practice. He uses field sketches, plein air paintings, and photographs to compose his pieces that are painted in layers with both knife and brush. He creates his landscapes to portray the splendor and simplicity of the natural world around us. Through his work, Tim seeks to lift the spirits and inspire awe above our day-to-day lives.

All of the works will be exhibited in a newly renovated art space on the first level of the New River Inn. Visitors may also donate $10 to the museum to be entered into a raffle to win an original Tim Forman 12” x 24” artwork entitled “Beach Surf.” The winner will be announced on Sept. 12 (need not be present to win).

For more information about History Fort Lauderdale, please call (954) 463-4431 or visit us online at historyfortlauderdale.org.

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