HOPE South Florida and the Birthday Angels Bring Joy to Homeless Children

Hope South Florida celebrated the birthdays of the children of the families they serve in August. Each child with birthdays in June, July and August, along with their siblings and parents, were invited to Skyzone with a wonderful lunch, then back to HOPE for more fun, crafts, dancing, cake and presents.

While the children and their families were at Skyzone, a group of Birthday Angels secretly went shopping after asking each child what they wanted as a present. The festivities culminated with each child receiving that one special gift they wanted.

Jackeline “Jackie” Alers, Development Director of HOPE South Florida, and Zach Finn, founder of Birthdays Angels, led the celebration. They called the children up one by one, giving them a hug, a smile and a sense of importance they may never forget as they each got a present of their choice. For one afternoon, these children who may experience anxiety, depression, and insecurity due to being homeless were able to be children and experience HOPE and joy.

What was your best birthday memory? For many of these children who have not been able to celebrate their birthdays, this may be their best memory thanks to Zach Finn, the Birthday Angels and HOPE South Florida. Visit hopesouthflorida.org.

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