Hospital Healings and the Role of Faith

After being miraculously healed from endometrial cancer 32 years ago, Abby Abildness, author of the new book Healing Prayer and Medical Care: God’s Healthcare Plan, has been spreading a message of healing and fusing God’s healing power with patients and healthcare workers in hospital settings. Abildness, who is the Founder of Healing Tree International and President of Hershey Aglow Lighthouse, has been leading the Penn State Hershey Medical Center’s chapel healing prayer service since its inception six years ago.

Patients, families and medical staff are invited to attend the healing prayer service every Friday at 11:45 a.m., when it is broadcasted to all over the hospital’s PA system. Abby’s team of prayer ministers eagerly greets each guest as they arrive. Many attend with faith that they will be healed; others need direction, guidance and a message of hope. Whatever the reason, the healing prayer services have made a tremendous impact in the lives of those who show up. Over the years, Abildness has witnessed some extraordinary events. “Lives are transformed, some are healed and others receive prayer for divine direction or wisdom in making the right choices for care,” she shares. “Combining healing prayer with medical care can bring God’s healing care to society around the world.”

“Healing Prayer and Medical Care: God’s Healthcare Plan is an insider’s view of the power of God working in and through healing teams in clinical and non-clinical settings. Abby’s testimonies of divine healing and the healing power of God’s unconditional love, as well as her insights on the healing power of forgiveness will certainly equip readers for the Life of miracles,” adds Dr. Alan N. Keiran, Captain of the Chaplain Corps, USN, and Chief of Staff for the Office of the U.S. Senate Chaplain.

Healing Prayer and Medical Care tells the uplifting and inspiring stories of miraculous healings and radical changes that have taken place at the hospital. Abildness hopes that readers will be filled with the same hope and trust in God that she experienced when she was healed, in addition to taking God at His word and believing that He is indeed the God who heals (See Exodus 15:26).

She feels confident that her new book will inspire others who believe in a powerful and healing God to take the next step and reach out to hospitals or clinics in their area that may be interested in holding healing prayer services. Within the book, Abildness lays a blueprint that is proven for setting up a successful healing prayer service within a medical setting. “The community of Christian believers and medical professionals can work hand-in-hand to achieve total healing which is God’s original healthcare plan,” she adds.

Healing Tree International (HTI) is headquartered at the historic Londonberry Inn Bed and Breakfast, near Hershey, PA. The non-profit organization, which has a broad international network of Christian ministries and market place leaders willing to use their gifts to bring healing, reconstruction and restoration to redeem and transform nations, was founded by Abildness in 2005. HTI focuses on four areas: Medical and Spiritual Care; Humanitarian; Judicial; and Business, and integrates and encourages national and international government leaders to go out, make disciples in all of the nations and ultimately accomplish The Great Commission.

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