I Will Not Be Silent

As most of us know, the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were founded upon biblical precepts drawn by our Founding Fathers, who were primarily Christian men. Today, many of these principles are being breached in lieu of a liberal, progressive worldview. “The moral principles and precepts contained in the scriptures ought to form the basis of all our civil constitutions and laws. All the miseries and evils which men suffer from vice, crime, ambition, injustice, oppression, slavery and war proceed from their despairing or neglecting the precepts contained in the Bible,” stated Noah Webster, author of the first American Speller and the first Dictionary (1758-1874). “The Christian religion, in its purity, is the basis, or rather the source of all genuine freedom in government . . . and I am persuaded that no civil government of a republican form can exist and be durable in which the principles of that religion have not a controlling influence,” he added.

Most of America’s brilliant history was supported by men who knew that without God and His commandments, the people would lose their righteous vision and become immoral and corrupt. Today we are witnessing the regression and replacement of godly morality in America. The thief has come to “steal, kill and destroy” and unless the body of Christ rises up to meet the challenge and take back what was stolen from us, we will continue to see our rights and freedom being trampled on.

Jesus said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free” in John 8:32. Our Lord has given us eyes to see and ears to hear, and He reveals the truth to us through the Bible and the Holy Spirit. Freedom is given to us by the One who is Himself the Truth, and for this gift we are eternally grateful. But what about those people who do not accept Jesus as their Lord, believe in other deities, or who profess the nonexistence of any deity? Do they have the privilege of the knowledge of the truth? According to our Bible, these persons do not know the truth and cannot even recognize it because they are under a powerful delusion brought about by the darkness that envelops them.

Unfortunately, many of these people have educated themselves by the world’s standards and they have infiltrated every structure of American society including our churches. They are injecting their belief systems into our government structures; executive, legislative and judicial. They are replacing godly principles and re-writing law in our courts. They are confronting, opposing and defeating every aspect of Judeo-Christian ethics throughout our country. And while they profess to do this all under the guise of “rights and freedom”, they are destroying the rights and freedom of the Body of Christ. And even sadder is the fact that they truly believe that they are gaining their rights and freedom, but in reality they are tightening the noose around their neck that leads them into more sin and rebellion from God. By advancing their “cause”, they give access to more sin in their life and in our society as a whole. By allowing sin to prevail and morals to decay, we create a more violent and unstable existence for all.

And so, the question remains – what is the Church doing about it? How are we personally addressing these issues? We cannot afford to remain silent anymore as the fabric of our government and society continues to deteriorate. We must stand up and fight the good fight of faith. God had called us to a noble cause, not just for ourselves but for the profit of all, by declaring what is right, true, pure and holy. We must use all of our resources and talents to embrace, profess and construct the truth in every arena possible .The Church must take evil captive, cast it to the ground and trample it to death by invoking the Word and Spirit of God. Spiritual warfare and intercessory prayer should be a part of our daily agenda. For those of us who are qualified to lead, we should seek public office, speak out from the pulpit with boldness, and spread our message in every venue available to us. By doing this, we will ensure true liberty and justice for all.

Violations of the Constitution by the Courts

o        1947: Violated the Constitution by banning freedom of expression. Enacting “a wall of separation
between church and state.” (Everson v. Board of Education)

o        1962: Prohibited non-denominational prayer from public schools. (Engle v. Vitale)
o        1963: Banned Bible teaching in public schools. (Abington Township v. Schempp)

o        1968: Allow teaching the theory of evolution. (Epperson v. Arkansas)
o        1973: Abortion: The right to kill the unborn. (Roe v. Wade)

o        1980: Ordered public schools to remove the Ten Commandments from student view. (Stove v. Graham)
o        1981: Freedom of press and speech is guaranteed to students unless the topic is religious.

o        1985: Disallowed religious benedictions and invocations from school activities. (Wallace v. Aguillard)
o        1992: Banning prayer at public school graduations. (Lee v. Weisman)

o        1992: Accused Colorado voters, of animosity towards homosexuals.
o        2000: Prohibited pre-game student-led prayers.

o        2000: Overturned the laws of 27 states banning partial-birth abortions.
o        2002: The Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional because of the words “under God.”

o        2003: Rejected the 1986 state of Texas’s ban on same-sex sodomy.

o        2003: Violated the First Amendment by ruling against Chief Justice Moore of Alabama in displaying a
Ten Commandments monument in the state’s judicial building.

o        2004: Clinton appointed Judge Phyllis Hamilton, overruling partial-birth abortion law
Washington D.C. ruling that Planned Parenthood’s 900 or so facilities and abortionists — which kill over 600,000 unborn children every year,
half of all abortions in America — can resume partial-birth abortions. Judge Phyllis Hamilton is the same judge who allowed a San Francisco-
area school district to force school children into “becoming Muslims” for two weeks as part of their world history unit on Islam.

o        2004: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Strikes Down Idaho’s Parental Consent Law. The court that struck “Under God” from the
Pledge of Allegiance has now decided that Idaho’s law requiring parental consent before a minor obtains an abortion is unconstitutional

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