I’m A Girl

I'm a GirlI’m a girl. I’m supposed to care about pretty things. Shoes, fashion, style. And all I talk about is Israel and Jews. Why? Because I have PTSD. Because I grew up in bomb shelters hiding from whistling bombs over my head from our neighbors. Because I grew up with intifadas – stabbing, killing, suicide bombings…with exploding coffee shops, malls, busses, non-stop all around me. Because my grandparents escaped the holocaust at 13 years old when their entire family was murdered. Because my dad’s tank exploded in a war and all his friends died virgins at 18. Because at 18, I too had to leave my crying mom behind as I went to serve in the army to protect my country. Because on October 7 my heart was once again butchered with my friends and family in Israel.

I’m a girl and I don’t care about anything that other girls here in America care about. Because I’m damaged by the truth. By the reality of what it feels like to live amongst terrorists.

And the terrorists are coming here. They’re already here all around us and within us.

And I feel suffocated and sick to my stomach.

-Limor Ben Arie (กาx2าเทฯ)

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