Inspirational film ‘The River Within’ tackles life’s tough questions

“The River Within,” a new Christian-themed film, ambitiously tackles some of life’s largest questions. The film’s main character Jason returns home from law school to study for his upcoming bar exam, but is pressured into becoming a youth pastor. Suddenly his world, and his presumed place in it, is turned upside down and he finds himself haunted by the question: “What am I doing here?”

Cloud Ten Pictures Inc., the Christian film production and distribution house behind the “Left Behind” film series, has recently acquired all of the media distribution rights to “The River Within,” produced and directed by Zac Heath.

“Cloud Ten’s mission is to provide quality Christian-themed Culture to an audience eager for inspirational content,” explains CEO Andre van Heerden.

He adds, “We believe ‘The River Within’ is a great film, with a great story about finding your path in life, and we’re excited to distribute it to the world.”

“The River Within” explores relationships between father and son, pastor and congregant and God and man. The film also broaches head-on the age-old human dilemma of discerning God’s plan for each of us.

Writer and Director Zac Heath is excited that his film will have the opportunity to share its message with a greater audience through Cloud Ten’s distribution.

“God was with us through every step making this movie, providing strength, peace, confidence and inspiration,” recounts Heath, and “it is that sense of peace and purpose that I hope audiences will take from the film.”

“The River Within” has already enjoyed a limited, but successful, theatrical run. On its opening weekend, the film ranked fifth in US per screen gross revenues and broke records in every theater it played, beating out Hollywood blockbusters such as “The Dark Knight.”

Cloud Ten plans to release the inspirational tale via its Church Cinemas program in October and thereafter on DVD, television and in foreign markets.

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