Interdependence is Better than Independence

MIKE CORNELL TRIO in the Southwest Gospel Music Festival
at GCU Arena in Phoenix Arizona USA February 19,2017.

“Free,” she sang!

The short soprano’s powerful voice firmly hit and held such a high note I actually looked up to see if the glass in the chandelier would shatter!

We were standing in the outside lobby at the American Adventure pavilion in Epcot at Disney World Orlando. A group of eight professional singers were entertaining us. They were amazing!

The presentation included several patriotic songs featuring the different singers one-by-one. The tall lady soprano had a strong lush tone perfect for her part. Next, a short thin man with an amazing high tenor voice rich with tone delighted the crowd with his solo. At the end of one of the songs the bass singer was featured. Whoa! That man could sing way-down-deep-down-low!

The crowd was so delighted, entertained and uplifted by the exceptional presentation that they responded multiple times with loud applause and shouts of appreciation.  It was truly outstanding!

But, even though each of the amazing singers was exceptional, it wasn’t any single individual that made the presentation truly extraordinary. It was the interdependence of the whole group harmonizing, blending and working together as one.

Interdependence really is a higher value than independence.  Two can do ten times more than one.

This is not to say that the independent preparation and practice of each individual vocalist was not essential. They each needed to be professional talents who worked hard to be the best, and they were! But, when they combined their different single best, their interdependence brought that performance to a truly amazing level.

So we ask ourselves, how can we bring our personal tomorrow to the next level? Here are four key suggestions.


  1. Vision

You care deeply about something. Find a partner or group of individuals who care about the same thing. The passion of shared vision inspires and enables us to transcend together. Jesus was the one who taught us about the importance of the prayer of agreement.


  1. Think ‘WE’

Trade in ‘ME-thinking’ for ‘WE-thinking’. It’s not all about ‘me’; it’s all about joining our gifts together! Only when every individual embraces and honors each other’s expertise can we go to the next level and do something no individual can do alone. A vocal group must highly value harmony and blending, over solos and individual performance. The awesome greater benefit is all of us are lifted up and blessed not just one! It’s called ‘WE-thinking’!


  1. Follow

Group Theory is an authentic academic subject of its own. Extensive group theory research tells us that effective groups all have someone who becomes the leader. Without the leader groups disintegrate and fall apart.

In the Disney vocal group, the director was able to help the group remain cohesive and sing in timing together.

For our personal tomorrow to go to the next level, we recognize the necessity of the director function and respect the office. A dynamic group will let the leader lead. This includes a small vocal group, a larger performance group…or even a nation.


  1. Celebrate

Like the many parts of a car that run best when oiled, a group functions best with the oil of appreciation. The Disney vocal group would not be as good without the super soprano, the deep bass or the high tenor. Valuing and celebrating one another with frequent appreciation keeps the group well oiled and functioning best.


Interdependence is more valuable than independence.

Let’s take that thought to the next level.

Albert Einstein said, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”

Perhaps Einstein’s statement is the source of a common definition of insanity: “expecting different results by doing the same thing.”

Maybe it’s time for us to take another look at our top ten values, and include the next level amazing benefits of interdependence. Change is essential to experience different results.

We can personally harness interdependence by finding a mentor, finding someone to mentor, seeking an accountability partner, or even forming a group around a common vision we care deeply about. Let’s not forget the super value of finding a pastor we connect with. The power of agreement (interdependence) will take us places beyond our current thinking and dreams.

And may I add a frequent personal prayer?  Perhaps you can agree and pray this together with me for all our benefit?

Dear God, Please help us all, including the politicians and members of every party in America, to make the ingredients of interdependence a top value in our nation. Please give us common vision, ‘WE-thinking’, respect for our leaders (past & present), and frequent celebrations of success honoring one another’s sincere service. Thank You, Thank You God!

And thank you for joining me in praying that prayer. The sincere prayer of agreement and unity in service will bring us to the next level and make our nation far greater than ever before.


Steve Davis, Ed.S. is an education specialist adjunct professor at Trinity International University who writes about personal development and education. He can be reached at [email protected].



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