Introducing Easter Jam: A Free, At-Home Experience for the Whole Family

Parent Cue, a community that helps parents make the most of their time with kids, is excited to introduce Easter Jam, a free, at-home experience for the whole family. Though Easter will look very different this year for families everywhere, this innovative and interactive resource will help parents create new memories, share the message of Jesus, and have fun with their kids.

In the past, Easter has often meant massive egg hunts, family gatherings, going to church, and dressing up. However, for the first time in our personal histories, families won’t be able to physically join with others outside of their homes to celebrate one of the most important traditions in the Christian faith. Therefore, Parent Cue created Easter Jam to serve as a way for families to celebrate together in a meaningful way from home.

Easter Jam can be used as a complement to a local church’s online service, or as a stand-alone event for individual families. Available now for instant download, Easter Jam includes a video experience and instruction guide. Parents will also receive directions for creative games to play with supplies they already have at home, such as the Peep-Jousting Face Off and the Sock-Ball Challenge. Designed for families with kids and teens of all ages, this resource is entertaining, uplifting, and Christ-centered.

There’s no question that additional burdens are being placed on parents at this time of crisis. Stress levels are high and answers feel scarce. Easter Jam will not just give families something to do, but something to look forward to.

Parents can download Easter Jam for free at

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