ISIS Executes 35 Ethiopian Christians

ISIS(WNS)–The Ethiopian government declared three days of mourning after officials confirmed Islamic State militants executed at least 35 Ethiopian Christians held captive in Libya. As with other mass killings, the terrorists on April 19 released a video of the murders.

An Ethiopian government spokesman said the slain Christians likely were migrants trying to reach Europe.

The grisly video bore the grim trademark of Islamic State (ISIS) footage in February that showed the beheadings of 21 Egyptian Christians on a Libyan beach. The Egyptian government ordered airstrikes against Islamic State targets in response.

The new 29-minute video showed black-clad ISIS militants executing two groups of Ethiopian men identified as Christians in separate locations in Libya. The terrorists shot dead the first group of captives. In a separate scene, they beheaded the second group on a beach in eastern Libya.

Addressing “the nation of the cross,” the film’s narrator declared: “We swear to Allah, the one who disgraced you by our hands, you will not have safety, even in your dreams, until you embrace Islam.”

the attack showed the Islamic State’s ability to continue to strike targets outside Syria and Iraq, and it came a day after Afghanistan’s president said the group was responsible for a suicide bombing at a Kabul bank that killed at least 33 people.

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