James Dobson to launch new show

James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, has announced plans to launch a new radio show with his son in March, saying he cannot watch the world continue to fall into a moral decline without offering guidance.

Dobson, 73, is severing ties with Focus at the end of February after 33 years of leadership. This decision, he said, was essential for passing along the leadership of the Life to a younger generation.

As he announced his new radio venture in a Facebook post in December, Dobson said the 30-minute daily program, to be called “James Dobson on the Family,” will deal with marriage, child-rearing, family finances, medical and psychological concerns, national issues, the sanctity of human life and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The New York Times said the new forum will “give him greater leeway to hold forth on Current Events.”

“From one perspective, it would be pleasurable for Shirley and me to get up in the morning, go for breakfast, read the Newspaper, travel and be with friends,” Dobson wrote. “The prospect of an easy life is attractive to us. On the other hand, the institution of the family continues to be in a deplorable condition, and children are growing up in a culture that often twists and warps their young minds.

“Furthermore, our nation is facing a crisis that threatens its very existence. We are in a moral decline of shocking dimensions. I have asked myself how I can sit and watch the world go by without trying to help if I can,” he added. “That is what motivates me at this time.”

Dobson said he and his wife are “awash in nostalgia” as they prepare to leave Focus, and he warned that the organization “must not be allowed to languish in the days to come.” He urged people to help preserve its valuable work by continuing to give financially to Focus, but he also mentioned the need for $2 million in start-up costs for his new program.

Ryan Dobson, 39, is described by The New York Times as a tattooed surfer and skateboarder who wrote a book called Be Intolerant that is popular among young people. His tone is edgier than his father’s, the Newspaper said, and he draws upon years spent in rebellion.

“Once again, my heart is pounding with the excitement of doing something that could be significant for others. I invite you to take this journey with us,” James Dobson wrote.

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