Kicking against the goads?: The meaning and message

Tommy Boland

“It is hard for you to kick against the goads.” What exactly does that phrase mean? “Kicking against the goads” is not something we hear often in our day-to-day conversation! And yet, in Acts 26:14, the master Teacher delivers a powerful life lesson in His exquisite, parabolic style, which is simple, straightforward, self-explanatory, and is designed to sanctify every blood-bought saint. Let’s examine this verse with the goal of gleaning two powerful truths: the meaning and the message of the oxgoad.

Truth #1 – The meaning of the oxgoad

goadFirst, the oxgoad is a long pole or stick with a pointed piece of iron fastened to one end. In the strong hands of a loving master, the ox is gently prodded, guided, steered and driven in the desired direction when plowing the fields. When a stubborn ox attempts to kick back against the goad that is causing it discomfort, the ox will actually inflict more pain, driving the pointed end deeper into its flesh.
Second, the oxgoad is designed for an ox, and for no other beast. When Jesus likened the proud Pharisee Saul (and every child of God) to a brute beast, Saul’s heart likely pounded with incredible indignation. By birth a Jew, by citizenship a Roman, by education a Greek, “as to the righteousness which is in the Law, found blameless” (Philippians 3:6 NASB), Saul was a Pharisee of Pharisees. He sat at the top of the spiritual ladder in Jerusalem, and now Jesus of Nazareth was comparing him to a bovine!
However, when you consider this for a moment, you realize that the comparison to an ox was actually a greater insult to the beast! Oxen did exactly what God created them to do – serve and glorify the One who created them. Oxen bend their necks to the yoke and to the one true God, who has placed man over them as ruler and lord. Man is the only creature who refuses to submit to the revealed will of his Creator.
King David, possessing much greater self-awareness than Saul of Tarsus, freely confessed, “When my soul was embittered, when I was pricked in heart, I was brutish and ignorant; I was like a beast toward you” (Psalm 73:21-22).
Here are just a few examples of oxgoads God uses in the lives of His people: sermons, suffering, doctrine, difficulty, adversity, affliction, godly counsel, holy confrontation, conviction of the Holy Spirit, financial reversal, business failure and academic probation.
You might like to take some time to identify other oxgoads you have kicked against in the past. What was the result of your rebellion? Did you find that your pain actually increased as you resisted? What would you do differently today? Remember, all Scripture, rightly understood, is an oxgoad – both to the sinner and the saint.

Truth #2 – The message of the oxgoad

When Jesus rebuked Saul (who would soon become the apostle Paul) for kicking against the goads, He was telling the proud Pharisee that he was only hurting himself in resisting the truth and teaching of Christ. The more he resisted … the more he suffered. The harder he kicked … the deeper the goad drove into his flesh. A modern equivalent to this timeless message is, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!”
How about it? Is there an area in your life where you’ve been biting the nail-scarred hand that feeds you? How foolish and prideful for us to rebel against omnipotence! But look with me at the great tenderness in Jesus’ words. He does not say, “It is hard for My people” or “It is hard for Me,” but rather Jesus says, “It is hard for you, Saul!” It is startling when we realize that our Savior is always thinking about the sinner, even when we are busily sowing seeds of our own sorrow! I’m sure we would all agree from personal experience that it is, indeed, hard for us when we kick against the goads. It was almost as if Jesus was saying sorrowfully to Saul what we parents say to our children when applying some stern discipline: “This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.”
Who but the Savior could think such compassionate thoughts of a man who was intent on persecuting His church? When we see cruel men persecuting Christians, what do we think – compassionate thoughts or condemning thoughts? How quickly we would write off a man like Saul … but not our Savior. No one is beyond the redemptive reach of our Lord! No one has wandered too far, failed too often or sinned too deeply to place himself or herself beyond the reach of Jesus’ promise: “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). Jesus provides great comfort for us because He has great compassion for us.
So … where has God been applying His oxgoad to your life? Where have you increased your suffering because you continue to kick against the goads? And when will you yield to the truth and teaching of Christ? When Saul finally reached that point, nothing could stop him. He poured out his life to bring the Gospel to the nations, and no earthly obstacles would deter him – not the whip, not false witness, not trials or tribulations, not even an excruciating thorn. Paul, by God’s grace, ran his course and was able to say, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7). I pray that everyone will be able to say that in the end! This is the Gospel. This is grace for your race. Never forget that. Amen!

Rev. Tommy Boland is the men’s minister and sports minister at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. He also teaches adult Sunday school. For more information, including Bible study resource materials, please e-mail  [email protected] or visit For more articles by Dr. Tommy Boland, visit

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30 Responses to “Kicking against the goads?: The meaning and message”

  1. cjmartin6486

    Dear Sir:
    I am so grateful for your information about the words of Jesus,”It is hard four you to kick against the pricks.” I am First Reader at a Christian Science church. To prepare myself for presentation of the lesson sermon, I do research in various bible versions and go online to research biblical people and places. It came to me to explore the web to see what insight I could get to understand the meaning of the afore-mentioned quote. I am so glad that a person like you exists who applies himself to help people like myself better understand our beloved Bible and its inspired messages. Thank you, kind sir. I am certain to return to this page again in times to come.
    Charles Martin

  2. george stansberry

    Thanks for the insight. Makes me recall all the goads I used to resist and the ones still today. God is so good in His word and faithfulness. We are so much better and at peace when we submit to His will and Word.

  3. Thank you for sharing your insight into this passage of Scripture. Like others, I was researching the meaning of “goads” in preparation for a sermon on Acts 9:1-22, the conversion of Saul. This was very helpful.


    Thank you such a wise, timely explanation. I’ve experienced both the “goad” of Christ, and the “kicking” of my own, or the self-inflicted pain and frustration that comes from trying to bite the hand that feeds me. I can’t help but refer also to another eye-opening dialog between Paul and Christ, found at II Cor. 12: 8-9, where once again Paul appears to be “kicking”, yet the Lord assures him of something much better than his comfort, good health, easy living: i.e., His Grace! His Strength! That is my bottom line when we feel his goad against our bodies, minds, souls, etc. Now, i must remember to live it, not just say it, and not just believe it! Thanks again.

  5. Naomi Wilton

    That is a God-find article. Much appreciated! The Holy Spirit used this article to give me a fresh revelation of truth. Thank you!

  6. I really appreciated your writing and exposition of that verse. Great insight and nurturing thoughts. I just happened to see a couple of ox last year; the first time I saw a yoke. It is a very impressive image our Lord gave us. Again thank you and bless you and yours.

  7. How POWERFULLY God used your teaching on “kicking against the goads” to minister to me this morning. I’d had an important meeting with one of my pastors yesterday which broke some heavy resistance in me. I didn’t even KNOW I was resisting! I thought I was standing my ground in God! How wrong I was. I repented in tears before my pastor and then, again, this morning before the Lord. That’s when I saw His face. He gently smiled at me knowingly, then gently and lovingly spoke these words from Scripture : “It’s hard to kick against the goads.” I knew I needed to learn more, though I was familiar with the verse and when it was spoken to the Apostle Paul, then still Saul. I Googled the verse and up popped your message on the subject. How deeply God spoke to me and how I wept again, and am weeping yet again as I write this. I am now embracing God’s next step for my life, grateful that he didn’t let my bitterness ensnare me but broke the stubbornness of this “brute beast.” Thank you again!

  8. Thank you for your excellent explanation…I am currently on a respite at the ocean’s edge. My purpose in going for a few days was for rest and replenishing. In my communion with the Lord I was brought to the scripture about Paul and desired further understanding. Thank you for showing the Lord’s instruction in His Love!

  9. Ronnie Deadwyler

    Truly enlightened and Blessed beyond measures… Thank you for sharing your insight and revelation of God’s Word. May God Bless you Exceedingly and Abundantly above all that you may ask or Imagine, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen and Glory To GOD!

  10. Peter275

    The more I hit this website the more I get GOD smack’ed. The Parable of the “Goad” is a case in point. There are some passages in the Bible where the wording is off just a little so a casual reader would normally nod sagely saying, “that’s nice” and move on. Over the past six or so months I’ve come advance deep into the intended meaning of the word or phrase. I’ve learned so much since then. Thank you ever so much for your kind and able support. 🙂

  11. Some much knowledge is our Lord Jesus Christ, and He used people like you to give the church and me,more understanding of His words. Thank you for your time for sharing. God bless you.

  12. Pastor Isael

    The insight was very impactful,helpful,nuturing, and well explanatory. May God continuing enrich your well of knowledge abundantly. Thanks

  13. Dale Orwig

    It’s a blessing to have this insight. Prior to your article I have puzzled over this expression of Christ’s many times. Today I was goaded into finding your article. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

  14. Thankful that Paul had the humility to rejoice in his own weakness which allowed God’s strength to shine. May it be so in my life also

  15. This is amazing and still powerful, this has brought more insight in me but kicking against the goad by refusing to hearkened to God whenever He tell me to give him money and whenever I refused, I end up with no money but if I do what he told me, I will have plenty…. This has brought more understanding to me that I should stop kicking the goad and just do what he says.

    More often God will tell me leave these friends of your and I will resist by been with them and in the end they will hurt me and go away and I will be left heart broken still going to God to cry to him. If for long time I had this message I would have not kick against the goad.

    God bless you abundantly

  16. What kind of blathering nonsense is this? Oxen do what they are created to do — bow their necks to the yoke and to their creator? They weren’t created for that! What a slavish mentality! And insulting to the independence of these majestic beasts. With this kind of mindstate, no wonder so many Christians supported slavery for so long. Any God who wants to use humans in the inhumane way humans use oxen is a demon not worth worshipping, straight up.

  17. My eyes were opened to this truth…one MUST first become aware of their deadened position of “resistance”. Not only are we resisting our omnipotent God, but we are also hurting self ( and many others).
    From the foundation of the world, God had the plan of redemption for mankind. GOD reconciling man to Himself. So we in turn can be in relationship with our Creator. Thank you for helping my eyes to be opened to see this truth, ( with the same passion I ‘ve been using to kick against the goads, I can now turn ( repent) and truly turn to Jesus (stop resisting) and receive HIM and learn truth. It doesn’t mean life will always be easy, but it does provide the path for an intimate relationship with a compassionate Savior. And as I yield…HE WILL provide REST for my soul.
    To HIS invitation, I wholeheartedly say yes!

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