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Les Feldman

I grew up in a city of somebodies.

Regardless of who you met or introduced, it was either proceeded or followed by a brief story.

You see Stevie over there? His father is the guy you need to know if you want to get into Joe’s; he owns the place, no wait; you get a table immediately. 

I guess it was a cultural thing?

As a young guy I was fascinated by the paradigm of who you knew, which belied what you knew.

Kinda like, “You’re going over to the Jordan River? Hook up with this guy John; he’s a Baptist and that’s his gig.”

My fascination, of course, included politics because the action was nonstop. Bada beep, bada boop. Everybody was a “somebody.”


While in college my buds were getting directionally set-up: building contractors, doctors, financial planners or future bookies – take your pick – and of course lawyers, tons of lawyers. Even at that age, the cultural planning shunned ambulance chasing, and you’d set your sights higher to a judgeship.


In Miami back in my day and through political circles, I started to hear the name “Ham” Forman from friends. Interesting and unforgettable name “Ham” in a community of lox and bagels where we had the best deli restaurants in the world: Wolfie’s, Rascal House and Pumpernick’s. 


legacyHam Forman had this interesting formula that I kept running across at some printing plants, me being a publisher. Keeping a keen eye, noticing what others were printing, especially in the political season, was important: flyers, brochures and comic books. Comic books? Political candidate comic books? Not real comic books but comic book looking; they blanketed the condo lobbies, bank buildings and everyone’s mail boxes. Those story similarities were like the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. Savvy. Very savvy.


You needed Hamilton Forman’s backing if you wanted to run for judge in Florida, and without his backing you could run, but you wouldn’t win. You might think I’m being figurative. No, I’m being literal. If a judgeship came open and the Florida Governor needed to fill the slot, Ham Forman provided the name and the Governor said, OK: that literal.


Years back I meet H. Collins Forman, a cool guy and lawyer who preferred to talk a little Rock ‘n Roll about groups and stuff. I love that interaction and it could be endless. 

Forman? Not Foreman? Are you any relation to Hamilton Forman? I asked. Yeah, H. Collins said, My dad.

Boy, would my college buddies be impressed.

Ham Forman’s Legacy

Now you’ll read the “rest of the story” and the incredible 100-year Forman Family Florida Legacy: education, church and missions. 

You’d never hear the story from them; it’s not their way. 

But 100 years in Florida? In Florida if you came here in 1995, you would be considered an old timer, so the Good News wants to bring this inspiring story to you. It’s a Family Legacy and the fifth family we’ve featured in our series of “Family Legacy.” 


Please read the fascinating Forman Legacy story by Good News Editor Shelly Pond here.


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