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Neighbors are people that we see every day. If you think about it, they do a lot for us. They keep us from being the only house on the street. They fill up the mall and the grocery store so we don’t have to shop there alone. But they affect our lives in bigger ways than that, making a difference in ways that tend to go unnoticed. Because these are behind-the-scenes heroes.

We’re talking about the homemakers whose full-time job is to bring up children who will know God and serve Him with all their heart. The quiet folks on your street who have prayed for you and your spouse every day since your argument on the porch. The Little League coaches, the soup kitchen volunteers, and the firefighter who saved your daughter’s life. These are the unsung heroes. And these heroes are closer than we think.

Each month, the Neighbors feature will introduce you to someone in South Florida – someone whose story might make you smile, may make you weep, but will always make you think. 

These are not the TV preachers, or the celebrity believers. These are people like you. People who work a day job. People who are paying down a mortgage. People who have something to say but have not yet been heard. Everyone has a story worth hearing, and every child of God has a testimony worth sharing. Remember, nothing that God does is small. If you can see that God has been using you, we want to see it too!

God has placed many people in the church, to build each other up and to help keep each other’s eyes on the Lord. In a day when social networking has exploded, you can make nearly anyone’s acquaintance with just a bit of savvy searching, but at the end of the day you still won’t really know them. We want to bring you a chance to connect with brothers and sisters who you can meet face to face. This is an opportunity to function as a member in the body of Christ, actively ministering to edify, encourage, and bear the burdens of the likeminded members of your own town and city. This is a way to become aware of prayer needs in the lives of believers who live to show people how good our God is. This is a mission field that requires no passport.

So if you feel like you can’t see God moving in the world around you, if you hear of great works being done in foreign missions and you think that those things just don’t happen here, get ready to be pleasantly proven wrong. It might be your daughter’s math teacher. It might be your next door neighbor. It might be you.

It’s time to give credit where credit is due, so keep an eye on the Neighbors section, and find out what’s going on in your neighborhood.

Because God is working. He is active. He is here.

Please, send us your stories. If you know someone who belongs in a Neighbors profile, please e-mail [email protected].


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