Lifesavers in the Storm

As one of the highest abortion impact areas in the nation, Broward County is home to 23 known abortion clinics. Last year alone more than 12,000 abortions were reported in the county; however, based on the economics of running an abortion clinic, many experts feel these numbers may be highly under reported, possibly reflecting only those abortions paid for by check or credit card. It also does not include hospitals and doctor’s offices where abortions are performed.

A lifeline for women in distress

In the midst of this great need for protecting human life, Hope Women’s Centers operates five pro-life pregnancy medical clinics serving the needs of women and men who are faced with pregnancy decisions. According to Nancy McDonald, President and CEO of Hope Women’s Centers, “Women can become overwhelmed by fear and confusion when they face an unplanned pregnancy. They need practical solutions, compassionate care and non-judgmental support during this difficult time.” Hope Women’s Centers stand for life in the privacy of their clinics, speaking the truth in love to one woman at a time and trusting God to change the heart. They share the overarching message that “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.” Then they provide very practical services including a free pregnancy test confirming the truth of the pregnancy, options counseling via medically documented information, and a limited ultrasound confirming the gestational age and viability of pregnancy.

Making a difference


These truths make a difference for life since 86% of the women who contact Hope considering abortion make a choice to carry their pregnancy to term in spite of the life situation that was originally causing them to consider abortion. This stands in stark contrast to the numbers reported concerning women who go to an abortion clinic; 94% of those women experience abortion. With 23 known abortion clinics in Broward County, it’s imperative that they find Hope first.

Women vulnerable to abortion

The reality is that any woman of child-bearing age can be at risk for choosing abortion. A woman who is vulnerable to abortion is characterized by the following. She is typically single; in fact, about 85% of women who abort are single. She may have a medical condition she thinks will affect the pregnancy. She lacks support from significant influences in her life such as a boyfriend, parents, husband or friends, and may be experiencing pressure from someone to have an abortion. She also has not eliminated the possibility of abortion. Hope Women’s Centers focus on meeting the needs of these women.

Driving core values

They exist to encourage and equip women to make informed choices regarding unplanned pregnancies. Their core values determine how they carry out this mission. They believe in…

  • the dignity of women,
  • the sanctity of human life,
  • the right of access to information,
  • the right to a safe place,
  • the value of sexual purity,
  • marriage and family and
  • the importance of faith.

Hope meets the very non-political needs of women in unplanned pregnancies regardless of their political persuasion, their race or their religion.

How they provide hope

They offer hope to each woman they serve by believing in her ability to make a good choice and providing truth about her options. They believe she can be a good mother and refer her to sources that can help her learn how. They help her provide for her child by referring her to places where she can get help. They respect her, accept her decision and do not condemn or judge her, recognizing that she has a right to choose. They acknowledge that she is the one who is accountable to God for the choice she makes, praying for her and asking God to help her choose life. They focus on meeting the needs of each woman. “We can’t focus on saving a baby because God doesn’t send us a baby,” explained McDonald. “He sends us the woman who is carrying the baby, so we use all the tools that God has put at our disposal to see her through God’s eyes and love her in a way that allows her to receive the truth about the life that is growing within her and the truth about the One who can change her life for all eternity.”

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