Lifework Leadership Class Focuses on Integrity

Applicable in today’s marketplace, Lifework Leadership is a nine-month course that examines the life of Jesus as the best example of leadership and encourages attendees to view their workplace as a platform to positively affect others. The program includes teaching from nationally-known speakers, case studies with prominent business people, literary discussion and practical life application. For many it is also an opportunity to connect with peers in relationships that enrich their personal and professional lives.

Sean Dannelly, Ginger Martin





Stephan, susan Kassing, Mark Canapa, Natalia Jimenez
Richard Paul-Hus, Kelly Nothnagle
Guest, don’t have his name











Mike Pappas, Stephan
Robert Benites, Mitch Herbert, Sam Vorhees
Bobby Wells
Bobby Benites, Mitch Herbert, Sam Vorhees
Ileana Fay
Chuck TJ, David Balwin, Sebastian Allaire






Nicole Escobar, Ben Ross
Ricco Balzora, Ben Ross, Henrique Araujo, Bobby Wells,
Jeff madder, Kelly Nothnagle








Charlee Tchvidjian


Boyd Bailey






Nicole Escobar, Ben Ross, Rico Balzora, Steve Holland, Jessica Vera
Megan Beddow, Scott Manor, Freddy Escoria, Ginger Martin, Harrison Wedland, Clive McCartne
Wendy Elliot, Madison Shockey, Nelson Telmaco, Nick Rutsis
















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