A Live Learning Experience at Q Commons Fort Lauderdale

Q CommonsTrinity International University-Florida and Renew South Florida co-hosted Q Commons’ Live Learning Experience in Fort Lauderdale at the Axis Space Coworking on March 3. Thousands of people in 80 cities across the country and around the world gathered for two hours of engaging conversation on the cultural issues and topics that matter most to culturally engaged Christians. It featured important conversations aimed at promoting the connection between faith and the common good at the local and national level.

Q-Commons’ live 9-minute talks were delivered by Actor Jay Gutierrez, Architects Gage Couch and Rebecca Bradley, and Professor Dr. Daniel Ebert, who joined video cast global talks moderated by Renew South Florida’s Executive Director and TIU Alumni, Rick Hunter.

As one of the local speakers at Q Commons Fort Lauderdale, Dr. Daniel Ebert, Director of the Graduate Programs at Trinity International University-Florida spoke on: “Getting Along Despite Our Differences” and showed a short video on the roads of India to illustrate ways to not get in each other’s way while still moving forward.

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