Local Woman Fitted with World’s First-of-its-Kind Prosthetic Hand

Prosthetic HandBorn missing her right arm below the elbow and three fingers on her left hand due to Amniotic Band Syndrome, Lizbeth Uzcategui, a 43-year old resident of Fort Lauderdale, has been wearing a prosthetic since she was three years old. Over the years, Lizbeth has experimented with a variety of prosthetics to maintain her busy and active lifestyle, but prosthetic options that fit her petite size were limited. On July 21, Uzcategui became the first woman amputee to be fitted with the i-limb™ quantum, the newest, smartest and smallest bionic hand.

South Florida-based Hanger Clinician Matthew Klein CPO (L) and National Hanger Clinic Upper Extremity Specialist Alistair Gibson, CPO, LPO conducted Lizbeth’s fitting The i-limb quantum has a stronger grip and is 30 percent faster, allowing for more efficient use. It also features built-in Bluetooth® connectivity that allows the hand to sync to a mobile app on a smart phone so users can make immediate adjustments.

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