Make Your Dollars Count: 2nd Vote

voteYou may not be aware of it, but you vote every day. With each dollar, you decide one product, one company, one store, and, now—in the age of extreme partisanship—one belief over another. Whether it’s a monetary donation to a cause the company believes in or a biased selection in the employees they hire, companies have become quite partisan in their political beliefs. Now, thanks to executive director of 2nd Vote, Chris Walker, you can find out the true political leanings of companies and take responsibility in what issues your money supports.

The Apple, Android, Kindle, and web application called 2nd Vote reveals a company’s level of commitment to conservative causes. By rating each company on a 1-10 scale (with 10 being the most conservative), consumers can see how companies score on issues of gun control, corporate welfare, environment, marriage, and abortion. The 2ndVote app not only categorizes companies by issues, but also by industry (airlines and travel, apparel and accessories, food and beverage, etc.). Walker’s application also recommends more conservative alternatives to liberal companies. For liberal companies like American Eagle Outfitters, Nike, Gap and Banana Republic, 2nd Vote recommends conservative or neutral alternatives like Forever 21, Jockey, Ann Taylor and Dillard’s.

Walker and his team hope that 2nd Vote can help to slow moral decline in our nation. With the recent proliferation of anti-traditional family legislation and more relaxed abortion laws, America has forgotten the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, and maybe even the existence of sin altogether. 2nd Vote, by providing businesses’ political profiles, seeks to provide consumers with all of the information about a company’s political leanings. Then, in supplying people with knowledge about companies, people are free to make educated decisions that hopefully discourage immoral funding. Finally, by discouraging immoral funding, companies may stop funding to unethical organizations and maybe donate to more noble organizations instead.

The next time you shop, try giving 2nd Vote a try. Every dollar makes a vote, and your vote can make a difference.

Cresonia is a journalism student from the University of Florida. She can be reached at [email protected].

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