Making History

– Edwin Copeland -Church United Director

The book of Acts tells a story about a group of people who changed the world. These ordinary people sparked an extraordinary movement known as the Church. Driven by a unified vision, they discipled and deployed every Christ-follower to be an agent of grace — to spread faith, hope and love everywhere they went.

Every Christian, no matter who they are or what they do for a living is indeed God’s “Plan A” to bring renewal and restoration to the spiritual lostness, social pain and cultural brokenness we see all around us. Today, we believe the Church — God’s people — by the power of the Holy Spirit, are the means by which South Florida will be transformed.

Because of its influence, ministry in South Florida today will impact ministry everywhere tomorrow. God has brought the nations of the world to South Florida, and we believe it’s so that they can experience the transforming power of the gospel. Just like the ethnic and cultural diversity that’s come to define every neighborhood, South Florida needs all kinds of churches; it needs a movement of churches — a dynamic, bottom up, movement that is united by a common vision. No single church, organization or key leader can lead the way and transform South Florida alone. We must pool our resources and come together in love and unity around a shared mission.

History is happening in South Florida and you are part of the story.

For Church United, our vision is to see South Florida renewed and transformed by the gospel. You see, it’s the gospel that is breathing life and movement in our region. It’s the gospel that compels us to put aside our own egos, logos and interests for something larger and shared. Church United is a movement that extends across all kinds of organizations, denominations and churches. It’s beyond just a commitment to double the number of Christ followers in our region. It lays the framework for how God’s people can change the narrative of South Florida.

There is a gospel movement in South Florida, and it’s gaining momentum.

historyWe’ve seen deep friendships form, pastors caring for other pastors and churches moving from a mindset of competition to co-laboring. We’re collaborating on evangelism, a church planting alliance, church-school partnerships with an intentional focus on literacy and reaching the next generation, and most importantly, we have seen an awakening of Christians begin to connect Sunday’s faith to Monday’s work.

You see, it’s the gospel – the essential message of Jesus Christ, who he is, what he’s done for us and what that means for us today – that unifies us. It’s the gospel that motivates our evangelistic efforts, church planting alliance and next generation engagement. It’s the gospel that’s been planted in every one of you that will fuel this next season of our journey. Church United’s Vision 2023, a commitment to double the number of Christ followers in our region, is not possible without you.

In fact, if you’re reading this, you are what this story of Church United is all about. A movement of God’s people doing God’s mission. Not just on Sunday, but each and every day. Your divine design is a reflection of your kingdom calling: plumbers and CEO’s, stay-at-home moms and IT professionals, pastors and postal workers, small business owners and non-profit employees – every vocation is a calling from the Lord and offered as worship into the story that God is writing.

For decades, God’s people have labored to see an ecosystem that fuels a movement of the gospel in our region. We stand on the shoulders of the men and women who have gone before us, faithful praying, preaching the gospel and working to see the realities of God’s kingdom expressed in deeper and more meaningful ways throughout our region. Today and throughout the last several years we have witnessed God give us grace for this journey in new and unexpected ways. There’s a spirit of unity, collaboration and urgency to see the lostness, brokenness and pain of our communities be met with faith, hope and love.


Edwin Copeland serves as the Director of Church United with the National Christian Foundation of South Florida where he works to unify the Church through collaboration and celebration to see faith, hope, and love spread throughout South Florida. To learn more about Church United, visit

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