MEDIA RELEASE: Revolutionary Christian Based Teaching Program for Babies

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Christian Based Teaching Program for BabiesWho’s Teaching the Babies?™ is a new revolutionary resource created to establish and affirm a baby’s unique identity and purpose.

Dr. Melodye Hilton has developed “Who’s Teaching the Babies?™”, a new Christian-based resource providing curriculum and educational tools for churches, daycares and caregivers. There is no better place to establish the foundational reason for being, than at the beginning—conception.

Founder, Dr. Melodye Hilton says, “Through science and proven experience, we have recognized the life-empowering results of teaching babies in the most crucial and foundational window of opportunity—conception through three years.”

How can people teach babies? An infant’s brain begins to form just three weeks after conception. During this time, trillions of neurons are produced, reaching a lifetime high before birth. Synapses—connections between cells in the brain—are rapidly developed, with memory beginning at only four months in utero. This vital stage of life proves scientifically to be the foundational launching point for a human being’s entire life.

The experiences, interactions, social connections, and words received during this once-in-a-lifetime developmental stage build the framework for a child’s future. Not only are personality and intellect shaped during this time, but also habitual thought patterns, identity, emotional health, and the ability to trust.

WTTB™ has arisen to meet this core need in a healthy and life-giving way! Dr. Hilton has developed a series of teaching tools that were meticulously designed with parents and grandparents in mind. Beyond in-home use, the easy-to-use format translates easily into both individual and group settings making it ideal for daycare centers and churches.

With a vibrant and colorful display, Who’s Teaching the Babies?™ makes it appealing for babies and young children to receive not only education, but also validation as a significant and unique individual with meaningful purpose.

Dr. Hilton states that, “We can positively impact our future society if we are willing to invest into the babies and children of today. We can strengthen a generation to go against the odds of societal pressure and live successful and healthy lives.”

Each baby is valuable, precious, and worth the investment as identity and destiny are established…one baby at a time!

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