More Ways to Support Israel

Israel-insideAs current events are placing Israel in a more difficult and dangerous situation each day, many people wish that they could do more to support the Jewish State. The following list illustrates a number of simple ways to bless Israel, as well as build considerable support for Israel within your church community.


Go there and bring others with you

The one thing better than standing with Israel, is to stand in Israel. Your presence in the country, along with the friends you encourage to travel with you, is a blessing for several reasons. You will gain insight and understanding that will motivate and enable you to support Israel more effectively upon your return. Tourism provides a substantial boost to the Israeli economy. Lastly, your presence there, a warm smile, and kind words are a great encouragement to the people of Israel.


Send your pastor and young adults leader

Perhaps you have already been to Israel, and experienced the Bible coming alive and your life being changed forever, but your pastor or youth leader have not yet had that opportunity. Your approach of the church Board and encouragement of a fundraising campaign to cover the cost of their trip will not only impact their lives personally, but that of your church and all congregations they will serve during their ministry.


Send the young adults from your church

After you have helped your church’s youth pastor travel and experience Israel, encourage them to add a trip to Israel to their summer missions outreach program for young adults. Many young people ages 18-30 have traveled to Israel and returned home excited about the Bible, understanding the issues surrounding Israel, and renewed in their desire to serve the Lord in whatever vocation He may call them to.


Financially bless the people

A very tangible way to bless Israel is through financial support of projects that touch the lives of every day Israelis such as humanitarian aid for the needy or assisting the Jewish people to make “Aliyah” and return home to Israel. This type of assistance allows the people of Israel to know and experience Christian love and support in very practical and personal ways.


Bless Israel through your church’s missions budget

Many churches have experienced tremendous blessing after beginning a regular program to financially bless Israel by tithing from their missions budget or taking up regular Israel offerings. Some churches have started Friday night services with an Israel emphasis during which they pray for Israel and take up designated offerings.


Buy Israeli products

Purchasing Israeli products wherever you may find them is another tangible way to financially bless Israel. What better way to do your Christmas, anniversary or birthday shopping than through an online store selling jewelry and gift items from Israel.


Learn to speak up

One of Israel’s biggest battles is against the onslaught of misinformation and outright lies that are constantly circulated about her. In daily conversations with family and friends we have the opportunity to both correct and teach, but first we must educate ourselves. Learn how to discuss the issues with your family members, write letters to the editor of your local newspaper, or to call your elected representatives and express your opinions on the issues.


Educate your church community

Many and diverse speakers are available to come to your community and speak. Likewise, educational tools like small group study guides are available for home groups or Sunday School classes.



Last, but not least, is the responsibility of all Christians to pray for the people of Israel. Psalm 122:6 commands us to pray for the peace and well-being of Jerusalem, and as watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem in Isaiah 62:6-7, to pray with great fervor and persistence until all of God’s promises to the Jewish people are fulfilled. God has invited us to partner with Him in blessing Israel through prayer.


Susan Michael is the US Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. The ICEJ can assist you in any of these efforts. For more information please go to or email us at [email protected].

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