My God Story

Dr. Joe Saviak

There I sat alone in my office at the college on a Friday night 15 years ago this December.  I’d work late and then head home to try to relax and forget the questions which still bothered me.

I had acquired so much knowledge, yet I was certain that I lacked the answers to the most important questions.

I had achieved worldly success but felt like a failure. No matter what the world offered, it was always a temporary and ultimately empty solution.

I asked myself “Is this all there is to life?” in terms of the earthly things I’d done, and the answer left me hopelessly despondent.  

How God Came…

I then remembered as a little boy how my Grandmother Ruth had explained how much God loved me. When she spoke, I knew everything she was telling me was true.  

My despair was suddenly overcome by an instant and irresistible impulse to meet God.

I literally jumped up from my desk. I could not get to God quickly enough. I ran to a local downtown church; like my heart, it was unlocked and empty on that Friday night.

I prayed humbly and fervently for an hour for a real relationship with him on His terms not mine.

I arose from prayer a completely new being in Christ.

Some positive changes came quickly – others took years – some are still very much in progress. I’ve never known so much love, peace and joy these last fifteen years, and it’s all and only because of Jesus.  

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