New Documentary asks the compelling question: Is Genesis History?

Is Genesis HistoryDo you remember what happened a few years ago—it was all over the news—like say 6,000 years or more ago? Yeah, me neither. I can hardly remember what I had for breakfast; I certainly cannot remember my birth, let alone the beginning of space and time. Of course, we are at a disadvantage, are we not? You see, one of the key issues with understanding history is simply this: we were not there. All we have to go on is little bread crumbs that the centuries have left. Everyone has the same available evidence. But how we interpret that evidence is what is important.

We all understand the world around us through a certain paradigm, and depending on that paradigm, it can drastically change what we believe. That is why we often call it a worldview because it is a way of viewing the world. It is as if we are each wearing lens-colored glasses, and it alters the way we see things. Some pairs of glasses have a different shape, and the lenses are a different tint and shade, or maybe they are even a little warped and distorted. But the point is we all have them, and it makes a big difference in how we come to accept what is true.

For Dr. Del Tackett (Management and Computer Science) founder of “The Truth Project,” the answers we seek are found in the most significant piece of historical evidence that has been left for humanity — the Bible, God’s Holy Word. Specifically, Dr. Tackett says that “Nothing in the world makes sense except in the light of Genesis.” So, Dr. Tackett took a year to travel and interview numerous experts in their fields to investigate the evidence and try to discover just what is the truth about our earth’s history. He will be your guide as you travel to over a dozen locations across North America, trekking through canyons, hiking up mountains, digging through excavation sites, and diving below the sea in Compass Cinema’s new compelling documentary “Is Genesis History?”


Well-researched answers

The film highlights several crucial events including: the creation of the universe in six days, the existence of a real Adam and Eve, a global flood and the dispersion of mankind from the tower at Babel. The documentary also features over a dozen scientists, scholars, researchers, and professionals “looking at the world and explaining how it intersects with the history recorded in Genesis. “From rock layers to fossils to lions to stars, this fascinating film will challenge and change the way you see the world” ( The impressive list of contributors includes: Dr. Kevin Anderson (Microbiologist), Dr. Steve Austin (Geologist), Dr. Steve Boyd (Hebraist), Dr. Robert Carter (Marine Biologist), Dr. Arthur Chadwick (Taphonomist), Dr. Danny Faulkner (Astronomer), Dr. George Grant (Pastor), Dr. Paul Nelson (Philosopher of Science), Dr. Douglas Petrovich (Archaeologist), Dr. Marcus Ross (Paleontologist), Dr. Andrew Snelling (Geologist), Dr. Kurt Wise (Paleontologist), and Dr. Todd Wood (Biologist).

“Is Genesis History?” is both poignant and provocative in the subject-matter it tackles. Agree or disagree with conclusions, but the film provides well-researched, intellectual answers from a historical point-of-view that is often casually dismissed by the general public and scientific community. The experts strive to shine a light on our origins, providing a fairly comprehensive argument for biblical creation, specifically Young-Earth Creationism.


An important documentary

I think this is an important documentary from which everyone can gain some value. It is certainly a great resource for families who are searching for a deeper understanding of the Young-Earth Creationist viewpoint. Christians who struggle to explain the complex scientific topics can take away a solid foundation to build on. Or perhaps you just want to learn a little bit more about some differing viewpoints in the creation versus evolution debate. However, not everyone will enjoy this documentary. It probably won’t change anyone’s mind who’s already firm in their beliefs. And it can feel a little long and dry at times. There’s no dynamic editing and groundbreaking cinematography. The film is pretty straightforward in its presentation, and simply attempts to take a systematic approach to examining the historical and scientific evidence. Each scene is basically an interview with one expert at significant locations, which can be boring to watch, but I understand why they would take that approach as they were trying to build a very structurally sound case and logical argument. A thought I had while watching was that this might do better as a six-part, weekly study/devotional rather than an all-at-once film.

Wherever you stand on the issues—young earth, old earth, theistic evolution, etc.—there is still certainly a conversation to be had. The debate is far from over, and as more data is uncovered the basis for creationism has only grown stronger. This new documentary provides an intriguing inquiry into the claims. It is often gripping and at the end some may even find persuasive. Again, “Is Genesis History?” is not your typical, dramatic, mainstream documentary. There is a tremendous amount of information and scientific lingo. But I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re curious about creation. There may be various competing views out there, but we know that there can only be one truth. The right answer is certainly worth the exploration.

The documentary will premiere in select cinemas for a one-night special event on February 23. To learn more and to find a screening near you visit:


Finley is a doctoral student researching Organizational Leadership. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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