New organization redefines philanthropy

HopeMongers recently announced the launch of a micro-giving community that empowers anyone with $10 to make a lasting difference in the lives of the world’s poor.

The HopeMongers micro-giving community connects online donors with specific community projects around the world. Donors can give as little as $10 to individual projects such as drilling water wells, building schools or establishing orphan community care points.

HopeMongers’ efficiency and breadth of projects is due to its broad-based volunteer network that has grown steadily over the last year. The organization passes the administrative savings directly to donors by charging nothing for its micro-giving services.

“HopeMongers is redefining philanthropy with an entirely new model of giving for the world’s poor,” said Sam Henry, HopeMongers’ founder and chief executive officer. “We’re leveraging new technologies in social media to create a community of passionate givers who can track the progress and success of their personal gifts and cooperate with field partners every step of the way.”

In connection with the launch, HopeMongers was selected by Microsoft Corp., as a featured charitable organization for the software giant’s annual Employee Giving Campaign for Microsoft’s more than 93,000 employees which last year contributed more than $90 million to global charities.

Give. connect. see results.

Visitors to can choose from a variety of projects they are passionate about such as poverty, safe water, sustainable food, human trafficking, orphans, faith-based initiatives, health and hygiene, technology access, education and job creation. Once a project of interest is identified, visitors can choose to make a donation as small as $10.

Using social media technology that connects to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, visitors can share projects and invite others to join in the giving initiative. Special community “Cooperatives” on allow participants to share their passion with other like-minded individuals around the world.

What partners are saying

HopeMongers has partnered with leaders in the non-profit community to identify key projects requiring funding. Founding partners include Agathos Foundation, Children’s HopeChest, Living Water International and Amazima Ministries International.

“At Children’s HopeChest, we are extremely excited to partner with HopeMongers. We see this technology platform as the future of giving and one of the quickest, most efficient ways to get resources to the field where they can make an impact in the lives of ‘the least of these’ – the orphan, the widow and the stranger,” said Tom Davis, best-selling author and CEO of Children’s HopeChest.

“It is very exciting for us to partner with HopeMongers in order to impact the world’s poor. This partnership will see communities of people around the world give together towards clean water projects in ways they have never given before,” said Jerry Wiles, president of Living Water International.

“True community means a coming together – each one contributing what they have to the good of the whole. That’s why even the smallest of gifts are so important. They not only meet a real need, they model a new and powerful way of engaging in philanthropy,” said Robert Smith, founder and president of Agathos Foundation.

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