NOAH: An Opportunity to Discuss the Truth

NOAH-An-Opportunity-to-Discuss-the-TruthAnyone plugged into the world of cinema entertainment would have heard hype caused by the movie, Noah, released last month. Reviews were raving, yet very mixed in range. Half of movie viewers strongly disliked or disagreed with the way the film was presented, whereas others, found a different perspective, believing the movie to be entertaining, visually appealing, and even faith affirming. 

The story of the flood, famously known from its account in Genesis, is the story of a man, Noah, who obeyed God with all of his heart. The Earth at this point was wicked and filled with people who turned their hearts away from God. Amidst all of this evil, Noah chose to live righteously, as he “walked with God” (Genesis 6:9) and not against Him. To remove this wickedness that plagued the creation, God prepared to send a mass flood to wipe evil away and allow for the world to start anew, back in harmony and peace.

A man living for his creator

After watching the movie version of this biblical flood account, you will notice the same general ideas weaved within. The Hollywood spectacle, of course, adds animation, visuals and details to the story to bring a heightened sense of entertainment. Underneath all of this, however, you still see a man whose heart is after serving and living for God, his creator. You witness justice displayed when God sends the great flood; however, you must remember this act was not done to merely punish and destroy people but to do away with the wickedness that was deteriorating the Earth and all of the people in it. Out of this act, God then shows mercy, grace and forgiveness. He allows for light to come out of darkness, goodness to come out of evil, and a new creation to begin, back in reconciliation with God.

Conversation starters

Although many moviegoers disagree on specific scenes or certain angles the director chose to take, we can’t deny that Noah is still a movie that alludes to topics such as the creation story, the Bible, God as our creator, justice, forgiveness, grace, mercy, redemption, even love. All of these are excellent conversation starters any Christian could use to bring up their beliefs and their faith to friends. Even the most resistant non-believer would enjoy this biblical-based film without feeling threatened or uncomfortable and may even begin to grow thought to some of the Christian ideas and beliefs presented within. When we look beyond the surface of this movie — the dark scenes, lifeless terrain, evil people, and violence — what you see is something much greater. We recognize a man who remains faithful to God and a God who remains faithful to His people. We experience Noah confronting struggle, even confusion in his journey, but what’s important is that he trusts God through everything and remains faithful until the end. This movie, though seemingly dark on the surface, encourages us to trust in God’s plan, trust he will always provide everything we need, and trust he has a specific purpose for each of our lives. God is just, he is faithful, he is forgiving, and oh, how he loves us!

Open eyes

That is the message. So, all you believers out there grab some friends who may never normally pick up the Bible and read the flood story on their own and treat ‘em to a movie night. Use this opportunity to open their eyes to your perspective about the character of Noah, the purposes of the flood, and the character of our God. Let us start some conversations, plant some seeds, and evoke some great thoughts!

Tori Sollars is a student at Palm Beach Atlantic University. She can be reached at [email protected].

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