West Dade Luncheon

94th Aero Squadron Restaurant 1395 Northwest 57th Avenue, Miami, FL, United States

CBMC will be holding its West Dade Luncheon at 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant, 1395 NW 57th Ave, Miami on February 27 from 12:30 - 2 p.m. This in-person event is a unique opportunity to connect with other professionals and business leaders in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Come and enjoy a delicious meal while building valuable networks. This month's featured guest is Jerry Beverly - Multi Area Director, South Florida Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Registration costs $35. To register, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cbmc-west-dade-luncheon-registration-785570772327?&_cldee=vxd-dd5ZgMY0xdQqJYLp_BDVDbuIPcQ6mFuIlY3V-yOPmXCLMGkS9uKVUjhyaRZS&recipientid=contact-35dedc936b9ae41180c9005056b0e7a8-b5eed55630864dc2a55970acfbe5cc37&esid=9e637304-77c0-ee11-9079-000d3a312d23  

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