“Overcomer” Brings Faith, Humor and Inspiration

What do you allow to define you? This question invites each of us to reflect on our identity and what it looks like to craft a meaningful life. “Overcomer,” a new film debuting on August 23, 2019, takes viewers on a journey as the characters wrestle with this question themselves.  

From the makers of “Facing the Giants,” “Fireproof,” “Courageous,” and the number one box-office hit, “War Room,” is a story of redemption and healing intertwined with humor and an ending that will warm your heart for days. This movie is for anyone seeking inspiration and wisdom on how to overcome their circumstances and find hope and purpose.

“‘Overcomer’ is the next powerful film from Alex and Stephen Kendrick, storytellers who have impacted the lives and hearts of millions of people around the world, had their work translated into over 40 languages and counting, and generated over $150 million in worldwide box office so far. When the Kendrick Brothers start a new film, a lot of people around the world take notice,” said Rich Peluso, Executive Vice President of AFFIRM Films. During my interview with Stephen Kendrick, he enthusiastically noted, “We have a bigger budget, better cameras, and we believe, in so many ways, it is our best film.”


Finding inspiration

In reflecting on how the movie was developed, Stephen Kendrick replied, “Let me brag on my brother here. All six of Alex’s kids have won state championships in cross-country. He’s a great dad and always cheering them on to do their best in whatever they do. It was in the midst of him supporting them at races that he came up with the original storyline and twist of ‘Overcomer.’ At the same time, I was studying identity in Christ through the book of Ephesians. As we were sharing with one another, we began to see that God had been preparing us to write and produce this specific film.” 

I asked Stephen if there were individuals or circumstances that inspired the characters and the plot. He shared, “They say you write what you know and all of our films incorporate some of the things we are learning at that season of our lives. Making ‘Facing the Giants’ was literally like taking on a giant in our filmmaking journey. Our marriages were tested by fire while we were making ‘Fireproof.’ We were personally discovering more about our own manhood and role as fathers while working on ‘Courageous.’”

“And with ‘Overcomer’ we have incorporated Alex’s cross country learnings, our father’s bedridden state, my adopted daughter’s birthdate into the twists and turns of the storyline. After seeing the impact of ‘War Room,’ and after praying and preparing for years on ‘Overcomer,’ we are really looking forward to hearing how God uses it in people’s lives.”


The storyline

The main character in the movie is John Harrison, a high school basketball coach, unwillingly turned cross country coach. “John Harrison probably is representative of any middle America guy in a small town. He has a family and a job and may find too much of himself in his work and not enough in the Creator that made him. John would call himself a good person. He wants to be a good dad, husband and a very successful worker. But he has his identity out of order,” said Alex Kendrick. 

He continued, “As a Christian, he would say that the Lord is important to him, but if you were to watch his life you would see that his coaching opportunities, his championship run, is what he identifies with the most. Over the course of this film we see how that has to be reordered.”

This film promises to be one that touches your heart, strengthens your faith and fills your spirit with joy. Though the film debuts on August 23, groups can set up special viewings beginning August 5. To sign up for a special viewing for your community, church or organization or to purchase tickets for the showings beginning August 23, visit overcomermovie.com.


Terry Morrow Nelson, Ph.D. is an assistant dean and associate professor at Nova Southeastern University. She is also president of the Partnership for Leadership and Transformation. Terry is happily married with two small children.

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