PALAU the Movie to Release Digitally

The Luis Palau Association, Ollawood Productions and Rivka Entertainment Group announced today the forthcoming digital release of PALAU the Movie, a feature film based on the life of international evangelist Luis Palau. The film will be available on iTunes and Amazon on August 6, 2019, followed by DVD release on September 10, 2019. The film, which premiered to significant acclaim, was produced to honor the legacy of Luis Palau and directly support his ongoing global ministry.

The digital release comes shortly after its limited theatrical release throughout the United States and Central and South America in April 2019. The film received praise from faith leaders, influencers and film critics around the world, including Reverend Franklin Graham who said, “This film is long overdue. I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses it!”

Willie and Korie Robertson, stars of A&E’s hit television series Duck Dynasty, watched the film and said, “If you take the message of the Bible and put it in a modern-day story, you have PALAU the Movie.”, the go-to source for family-friendly film reviews, wrote, “This movie sheds light on the life of a man who was and is still a witness to the Light of the World. It’s a viewing experience that will not soon be forgotten!”

PALAU the Movie tells the true story of a man who was born in a small town in Argentina, committed his life to the work of the Lord and embarked on an inspiring journey to become one of the greatest evangelists in history. When 10-year-old Luis Palau’s father passes away, Luis is forced to discontinue his formal education at an elite boarding school in Argentina to provide for his struggling family. At an early age, Luis hears his calling to devote his life to God. He begins street preaching, launches a radio show and is ultimately invited to the United States to attend seminary school and become an international missionary.

To fulfill his vision, he must overcome many challenges. Luis learns to stand firm in the plans God has before him while contending with serious threats to his safety and the safety of his family as he began evangelizing in South America amidst violent political turmoil. An unexpected encounter with Billy Graham would again change his life forever and bring about the launch of Palau’s global ministry at a level only God could ordain.

Built upon an unwavering belief that the teaching of the Bible and a relationship with God are the foundation of life, Luis presents the Good News to millions around the world. The path is not always easy but remaining dedicated to the vision God placed in his heart along with his consistent message of hope and love, Luis Palau has become one of the most influential evangelists in history. His legacy of what God can do with a willing heart will inspire people of faith for generations.

The digital release comes at an incredibly important time as Luis Palau continues to battle stage 4 lung cancer, which he was diagnosed with in December 2017, days before production began on the film.

In response to the film’s upcoming digital release and continued impact, Palau says, “It’s odd to put your life story into the hands of others, allowing them to recreate it for the big screen. In many ways, it was unnerving. Yet the Lord was clearly in this movie, and it’s exciting to see how He has used it to bless many around the world. We have heard from so many friends and partners in ministry – as well as complete strangers – who saw the movie, were moved to tears, and were challenged to live a life more committed to Jesus Christ as a result. For me, that’s success. That’s what this life is all about. And now, as PALAU the Movie is released digitally, we’re excited to see how this film continues to change lives and impact communities.

“I may not have much longer on this earth,” Palau continued. “Frankly, after fighting stage IV lung cancer for the past 18 months, I’m surprised I’ve stuck around long enough to see this film in its completed form. It’s been a blessing. And I pray the Lord continues to use it to bless many more people.”

PALAU the Movie was produced by Ollawood Productions and Rivka Entertainment Group in partnership with the Luis Palau Association. It is being distributed through 1091, formerly The Orchard. To learn more about the film, please visit and

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