Palm Beach women’s center arrives


A new center for women will be opening up in Palm Beach, thanks to Sharon Gill, Founder and CEO of Oasis Compassion Agency. The mission of the Women’s Compassion Center is to walk beside women during their time of need, show compassion and encourage and mentor these women so that they can become strong women of society. 

The idea began five years ago, when the Oasis Agency launched a dream makeover luncheon. Over a three month period, they helped women from the luncheon work on future goals, assisted them in improving their outward appearance, taught them job skills and gave them spiritual direction. Sharon Gill remembers how over this three month period “the women literally transformed right in front of your eyes. Their approach towards life, their attitudes with their job and family, and their appearance took off.” From those three-month mentorships, Gill’s idea of creating a Women’s Center was born. 

During their time at The Women’s Compassion Center, women will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of classes, including nutrition and health, marriage and parenting, and also counseling and financial fitness classes. Tools will be provided to all women in order to help them develop the necessary entrepreneurial skills so that they may become self sufficient and successful in life. The center will also be available for and open to all women who would like to attend, not just for impoverished women in the community. “Every single woman can attend. Whether they want to come and take a class about finance, health, or whatever they are interested in, all of the classes will be available at a reduced rate,” adds Gill.

Oasis Compassion Agency has an outstanding seven-year track record, and has grown enormously during this time; moving up from humble beginnings in a spare church closet in 2003 to its own 7,600 square foot space in Greenacres, Florida. The city of Greenacres has designated October as Oasis Compassion Agency Month. In addition, the agency has recently been granted the Bank of America Local Heroes Award and the Palm Beach State College Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award. Oasis Compassion Agency’s new women’s center will be the very first of its kind in Palm Beach County. 

Oasis is dedicated to helping clients balance and improve their economic and financial circumstance by using a three-pronged approach. This approach includes identifying any roadblocks, creating a plan to get past these obstacles and, finally, implementing the plan in the client’s life. During this transition, clients are also assisted with obtaining necessary food and clothing, and are required to attend job counseling classes, in addition to the many other classes offered. 

For more information on The Women’s Compassion Center, please visit, or call 561-967-4066.


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