Pro-Life Campaigns Celebrate Lives Saved

Three local 40 Days for Life campaigns joined March 2 to celebrate the mid-point of the life-saving initiative, observed Feb. 14 to March 25 in 47 nations. But the gathering for food and fellowship had more to rejoice over than just hitting the halfway mark of the 40-day period of prayer and fasting, community outreach and peaceful vigil for an end to abortion.

The same day of the celebration, three women chose life outside the abortion facility where Tom Walker leads the Fort Lauderdale campaign. Two of the mothers chose life for their children because of a simple sign that reads: “We will help you.”

“That’s our purpose,” said Walker. “We’re there to pray, but we also offer abortion-minded women Christian compassion, godly counsel and practical assistance to protect them from a decision they’ll regret for a lifetime—as I and many of us who reach out know all too well.”

The joint celebration included the Miami, Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale campaigns and took place at the Hollywood office of Respect Life, a Catholic pregnancy resource center.  

“It was a great time of unity across denominational lines,” said Walker. “We shared stories of God’s work in our local vigils and Steve Karlen, the North American Campaign Director, described what God is doing to protect children from abortion as people pray and fast during 40 Days for Life.” More than 14,000 unborn children have been spared from abortion since 40 Days for Life began in 2007.

For more information, visit or contact Tom Walker, Program Coordinator for Broward Right to Life, at 954-304-3278.

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