Young Adults “Rally Loud” at Church by the Glades Conference

rally loud
Church by the Glades worship team

Rally Loud was a free two-day event for young adults featuring four unique experiences, live music, and powerful preaching. Under the leadership of twenty-two year old Charlie Hughes, the young adults movement of Church by the Glades called “Rally” was launched in 2019. Given the explosive growth of the ministry over the past three years, Hughes knew they needed to host an event on a larger scale to further reach the community of South Florida — this is how Rally Loud was birthed.

Who’s who at Rally Loud

rally loud
From left to right: Charlie Hughes, Madison Prewett, Jeanine Amapola, DeWayne Crocker, and Cayden Boyd.

Influencers and speakers such as Madison Prewett from ABC’s “The Bachelor,” hit Youtuber and Podcaster Jeanine Amapola, star of the nostalgic “The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl” film Cayden Boyd, and season 18 “American Idol” contestant DeWayne Crocker, joined Hughes to inspire and impact the young adults of Coral Springs. Rally Loud shared the message of Jesus with thousands of individuals over July 29th and 30th. Although the target audience was twenty-somethings from South Florida, the reach of the ministry is so widespread that over seventeen states were represented at the event.


Senior Pastor of Church by the Glades, David Hughes had this to say: “Seeing a conference not just attended by young adults, but where all the leaders and presenters were under thirty, makes me feel good about the future of the Church.”

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