Rap Star Rawsrvnt on Trump’s reality show

The chatter over the internet blogosphere was abuzz with questions and strong opinions –”Why on earth would a Christian rap star go on a reality dating show? Is a Christian artist really competing for the heart of America’s toughest reality show villain–Omarosa?”
South Florida-based Christian rapper Rawsrvnt (Eddy Puyol), the subject of such debate, tells the Good News what the reality is–-he was in the dark when it came to the details as he was cast for Donald Trump’s show, “The Ultimate Merger.”
“I didn’t know exactly what the show was about. I got a call from a friend of mine at Rapzilla.com, [and] all he said was that Donald Trump was looking for a Christian rapper to be on a new show,” says Puyol.
According to the recording artist, none of the twelve bachelors cast for the show knew the identity of the featured bachelorette until they met her on The Ultimate Merger, which is currently the top show on TV One.
Puyol prayed and consulted with trusted family, friends and spiritual mentors, before deciding to move forward with the show, and he’s happy he did.
“We all thought it would be a great opportunity to show the world how a man in love with Jesus approaches dating; a guy who represents what’s right and does what’s right.”
The rap artist admits he didn’t always do what was right in his youth.
“I started rapping for Jesus at age 11,” Puyol explains. “Then I drifted away in high school. I got into all kinds of trouble on the streets and was arrested.
“I had everything–popularity, the nice car, beautiful home, clothes–all that the pop culture world values. I pursued all that, yet I wasn’t at peace. God continued to remind me that He loves me and wants the best for me.”
One day Puyol, born to Cuban parents and raised in Miami, had an epiphany while sitting on a cold bench in a jail holding cell. He begged God to spare him.
“God spared me and sweetly told me–’come back home.'”
Puyol decided if God could reach him in this “raw” state, he was going to make a commitment to serve Him and be totally “raw” and real while doing so.

Omarosa Manigault Stallworth, known solely as Omarosa, rose to reality show fame as the sassy villain from Donald Trump’s first season of The Apprentice.
Omarosa grew up in the projects, yet eventually climbed the ladder in Current Events as the Deputy Associate Director of Presidential Personnel at the White House during the Clinton administration. Today, she is enrolled in seminary classes and is involved with at-risk youth and the homeless.
“I don’t proclaim to be anywhere close to what I need to be,” she recently said on Streamingfaith.com. “But thank God I’m not what I used to be.”
“I’m not in the driver’s seat anymore,” Omarosa continues. “For the first time in my life I’ve let go and let God [take over].”
Recently, the controversial reality star visited south Florida and was able to see her co-star Rawsrvnt singing and ministering with the youth group at Christ Fellowship Church.
“She loved the church and loved seeing what we’re doing with teens,” Puyol says.
“We have a great friendship off camera and speak often,” he adds. “I’m enjoying building a friendship with her off camera. There is a kinder side I knew was there.”

No Ordinary Love
(Word to Your mother)

Rawsrvnt (Puyol’s) latest CD, his fifth record, is a mix of pop, reggae, hip-hop, rap, and worship music bridging the gap between young children, teens, and their parents. Included is the title cut, a remake of Sade’s hit No Ordinary Love.
“I hear over and over again, testimonies that this is one record the whole house can enjoy,” he says with a smile.
Puyol encourages parents to get involved in the music their children enjoy.
“Parents research and study the right foods for their kids and the right schools, but they don’t research Culture for their kids,” he says.
“When I was young, my mother did the research. She knew I liked rap, so she found Christian rap music.”
As far as reality show viewers can tell, Puyol was not selected by Omarosa for the ultimate marriage proposal. The final outcome has yet to be seen, however, as the show is in mid-run.
In the meantime, Puyol continues to rap and preach, sharing the love of Jesus–no ordinary love in a not-so-ordinary way.

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