Reach4Hope Project – Reaching Out To The Homeless

Hope South Florida is once again reaching out to the community with their ‘Reach4Hope’ project – a project that allows everyone a simple and easy way to get involved in changing the landscape of homelessness in South Florida. Hope South Florida, known as the “front door” agency for families that are experiencing a homeless episode, serves 98% of families that are registered on the homeless helpline and provides them with shelter, case management and holistic care.

With the current state of the U.S. economy and many programs experiencing budget cuts or closing their doors, community action to help those who are homeless is needed now more than ever before. Because of this, the ‘Reach4Hope’ car magnet project was birthed with a goal of raising awareness to the family homelessness crisis, in addition to reaching out to a hurting community and offering them tangible solutions.

ReachFM, one of South Florida’s most popular Christian radio stations, has also jumped on board, dedicating to spread the word about the project and show people that they can impact the life of a family with the gift of hope and shelter this summer. “The Reach4Hope car magnets are such a great way to raise awareness and show your support for the issue of homelessness…and ReachFM is doing such a wonderful job of getting the word out for us,” shares Michelle Woolley, Director of Community Engagement for Hope South Florida.
The magnets ultimate purpose is to raise awareness about the fact that more than 150 local families, totaling over 1,500 children, will not have a roof over their heads this summer. The magnets also allow anyone to practically support and help remedy the homeless crisis. Every penny raised through Hope South Florida’s ‘Reach4Hope’ project will be going directly to renovating, purchasing, creating and sustaining shelter and affordable housing in our community.

“I’ve been involved in a number of faith-based community projects over the years but this one is really a movement of God’s people in our city…community, multiple churches and groups working together. It’s something to behold,” Woolley explains. “It’s so awesome to engage the community: businesses, churches and individuals all coming together for the same cause, to assist homeless children and their families…it’s really happening.”

Woolley also shares her gratitude for all of the volunteers and donations that help make Hope South Florida what it is today. “Acts of kindness are a clear example of loving our neighbors. Recently, through donations to Hope South Florida, a single mother was able to shop at Target and provide for her growing children. Two families received new vehicles allowing them to commute to their new jobs and pick up their children from childcare. Three families had their vehicles repaired and storage was provided for a young pregnant mother who feared she would lose her personal belongings during a transition. And the stories don’t stop there,” she tells. “Hope South Florida is truly the gateway for the families that that are difficult to place in mainstream shelter. Whether it is families whose homes were just foreclosed or those living in their cars…we get them into shelter, share meals with them, help meet their basic needs and help restore them to independence – all while engaging the Christian community.”

For those who want to show a hurting community that they are cared for and who would like to help raise awareness about homelessness right here in South Florida, ‘Reach4Hope’ car magnets are available for a $4.00 donation and are available at Calvary Chapel’s Bookstores and also at
Individuals or families that are interested in learning more about Hope South Florida or volunteer opportunities can do so by visiting Please visit your local Calvary Chapel Bookstore to donate and receive a ‘Reach4Hope’ car magnet.

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