Republicans Vie for Congress in District 22

The Republican Primary election on August 26 has three republicans competing to represent Florida’s 22nd Congressional District. After that date, one will have the chance to replace incumbent democrat Lois Frankel in the general election on November 4. That person will represent about 650,000 people across five cities. He or she would be their voice on the federal level. All three candidates – Andrea Leigh McGee, Paul Spain and David William Wagie – support a limited government, a balanced national budget, a simplified tax code and making changes for job growth; however, you may find that they vary on social issues.

David William Wagie

David William Wagie (“way-ghee”) is a Christian candidate who attends Calvary Chapel in Boynton Beach. “If you want to know how I’ll vote in 10 years,” Wagie informed, “read the Bible and the Constitution.” This message from the pulpit incited him to run for Congress: “Vote pro-church, pro-family, pro-life and pro-Israel.” He believes that “everything that happens in Congress should start with the U.S. Constitution”. When asked about his stance on Israel, he paraphrased Genesis 12:3 by saying, “He who curses Israel will be cursed and He who blesses Israel will be blessed.” He also believes that Islamic extremism and the shredded constitution are among the top concerns facing this district and country.

Current conditions

After speaking to thousands of residents, Wagie reflected that the current living conditions in District 22 are “depressing”. Neighbors were committing suicide from job loss. An 80-year-old had lost his business, sold his RV and was barely living on social security. People’s insurance premiums had tripled and prescriptions had become too expensive. Residents who had left former socialist countries came to realize that the U.S. was now heading in that direction. Wagie said he wants to do something about that.

As owner of Faith Builders LLC, Wagie has lived in South Florida for 40 years. He is a certified general contractor, licensed real estate associate and licensed home inspector. According to Wagie, he is pro-life whereas McGee is pro-choice. Wagie also pointed out that Spain had no party affiliation for 10 years in Florida before entering the race as a republican.

Wagie said his life verse is “Jesus wept” from John 11:35. “The reason,” Wagie explained, “is that it shows the absolute humanity of Christ; that He went through the identical despair that we go through, the identical sadness, the identical emotion that we all have if we were to lose a family member or a loved one.”

Andrea Leigh McGee

Andrea Leigh McGee states on her campaign website, “I believe in limited government, free markets, a thriving private sector, a strong military and The Constitution and Bill of Rights.” McGee also believes that veterans deserve more training and education for their life after service. She is “not a fan of The Affordable Care Act” or “when the government tries to run a service for the people… this act is over reaching and full of extras that are not right and have nothing to do with health insurance.”

Paul Spain

According to his campaign website, Paul Spain wants to make people the driving force behind a health care system that meets our needs, invest in our education to give our country an edge in the global economy and “secure our borders and transportation corridors.” About the Affordable Care Act, Spain comments, “The county is now on a collision course with reality: this nation cannot afford the costs associated with the program, especially when only a fraction of the people that are without health insurance coverage have enrolled in the government mandated insurance exchanges.”

Election Day for the primary is Tuesday, August 26. However, early voting will take place from Friday, August 15 to Sunday, August 24. For more information on races included in this election, you can download a sample ballot for Broward County at the Supervisor of Elections website at or in Palm Beach County visit Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the candidates and vote on August 26.

Sasha Richardson is a freelance writer and can be reached at [email protected].

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