Retired Nurse Saves Lives Outside Fort Lauderdale Abortion Facility

Patty Kelly is into saving lives. A retired critical care nurse, since 2016 Patty has been doing much the same outside an abortion facility on Oakland Park Blvd. Only now she saves lives by sharing compassion and critically needed information to help abortion-minded women choose life.

Patty said, the best part of what she does is seeing God at work, like the time a woman drove into the abortion facility lot and parked right next to Patty standing on the sidewalk. The night before, the woman had dreamed God did not want her to abort her baby. She came for an abortion anyway, but when she saw Patty, she knew she couldn’t and shouldn’t do it. She left in short order.

Patty’s “second career” as a sidewalk counselor began in 2014 when her pastor, Norm Wise, announced his congregation, First Church West, would be standing for one hour along University Drive, holding pro-life signs during Life Chain. As Patty recalls, “I thought, ‘I can do that.’”

Next she learned about 40 Days for Life and thought, again, “I can do that.” So she joined the 40 day prayer vigil for an end to abortion, arriving each Friday to stand, hold a sign, and pray.

“A lot of the women don’t completely understand what they’re doing and the life-long effects of it,” she said. “We’re here to let them know in a loving, kind, compassionate manner. We love them. Even if they go through with the procedure, we’re still here for them. We’re still loving them.”

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