Revival Happening in Nepal, India

Missionary Evangelist Daniel King recently held a massive Gospel festival in Surkhet, Nepal where over 7,000 Hindus and Buddhists heard about the saving power of Jesus Christ for the first time. Many renounced the 300,000,000 gods of Hinduism and chose to follow the One True God. In an effort to follow-up on the new believers, Daniel purchased land and helped to build a church building.

Daniel says, “Not only did we build a beautiful church building, we also dug a well out front. We are praying that as the local villagers come to get fresh water that many of them will receive the living water that only comes through Jesus.”

Daniel’s wife Jessica worked in Nepal as a missionary for six months back in 2001. She says, “When I lived in Katmandu (the capital of Nepal) I could feel deep spiritual oppression every day. Believers were few and persecuted. At that time, Nepal was a Hindu kingdom closed to the Gospel. Daily we prayed that things would change in this beautiful nation.”

Since that time, the government has changed hands several times and now for the first time in history, it is possible to publicly proclaim the Gospel in Nepal. The Gospel Festival that King Ministries did in the center of Surkhet was unprecedented.

The Gospel Festival received no opposition, no persecution. Top government officials gave their stamp of approval. There was great openness to hear about Jesus. All the local pastors said that it is a miracle to be able to do a public, open-air presentation of the Gospel in the center of the city, because previously it would never have been allowed.

One pastor in Surkhet was thrown in jail a few years ago for preaching the Gospel. For five months he suffered in prison, wondering how his family was going to survive in his absence. For him, it was a great miracle to be able to stand on a public platform and to talk about Jesus in front of the highest government officials. What he was once jailed for, he can now do in the open.

When asked if he would continue to build churches, Daniel King replied, “Our heart is to go to the hardest-to-reach places in the world and tell people about Jesus. Every time we do a Gospel Festival and see thousands of people get saved, I want to build a church and ordain a local pastor to care for the new believers. In November our Life is going to northern India, which has been called ‘the grave-yard of missionaries.’ While we are there we will be building a church for a community that has no church building.”

About Daniel King
Daniel King is a missionary evangelist who has ministered in over 50 nations around the world.  The goal of King Ministries International is to lead one million people to Jesus every year through massive miracle crusades, leadership training, literature distribution and humanitarian relief.  For more information about Daniel King, visit and check out his new book The Secret of Obed Edom available by calling 1-877-431-4276.

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