Running to Make a Difference

For the first time, I’m running to make a difference in someone else’s life.

In October of 2016 I had this desire to run the Boston Marathon. There are only two ways to be accepted into this prestigious marathon. One is to be an extremely fast runner. Unfortunately, that’s not me. The second way is to run for a charity. I applied to partner with charities, but I really didn’t feel a connection to any of them. And one by one, I was declined. Then, a “Godwink” coincidence happened. A lady in my running group Facebooked me one day and asked if I was interested in running Boston! She had received an entry to the marathon from the Hall Steps Foundation, and they were looking for another candidate.

“Wow,” I thought. “This is the one!”

I not only wanted to raise money for them, but I wanted to help bring awareness to their foundation. From this moment, I knew that it was God giving me my heart’s desire and using me as a voice to spread His love.

Hall Steps

The Hall Steps Foundation, founded by elite runners Sara and Ryan Hall, is a nonprofit organization making a difference for children in Ethiopia. Not only have they adopted four daughters from Ethiopia, they have also spent a lot of time embracing the people and the culture to specifically identify the needs of this country. Through micro-lending programs, they have helped educate families on how to support their children by starting up small businesses.

Ethiopia is a country of more than 4 million orphans. They are in constant need of housing, food, medical help, clean water and education. God has given each of these children special gifts, a dream and a passion. They deserve the chance to fulfill their God-given purpose in life. 

Through the foundation, $10 a month educates and feeds one child and $120 would take care of a child for a whole year. 

In support of the Hall Steps Foundation, I now found a reason for my running, a reason I am a breast cancer survivor, and a reason to spread God’s love. 

I find it very difficult to ask for help, especially for donations. But today I’m asking. I need to raise a minimum of $5000 for this amazing foundation. Any amount would be a blessing. 

Please go to to give to these children and bless their lives.

Thank you and God bless you for your generosity.


Fran is a wife and mom of two grown children who live in Tulsa, OK, and NYC. Fran, with her husband Brian, own their own digital media/marketing company that serves the Faith-based communities at large. They live in Fort Lauderdale.  Fran is a cancer survivor who spreads her testimony and faith through running marathons.

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