So You Think You Can Grill?

Join some of Broward greatest chefs (from your favorite restaurants!) and renowned Dolphin players on November 18 when the 2011 Gridiron Grill-Off hits the Pompano Beach Amphitheatre. Celebrities, charities and friendly competition will unite once again for John Offerdahl’s Second Annual Gridiron Grill-Off. Offerdahl, previously an all-pro linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, has been scouring South Florida’s tailgate parties and backyards for the next great recipe. Though he never officially attended culinary school (he actually has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry), Offerdahl spent most of his younger days firing up the grill with his father … and fell in love with the simple preparation involved in grilling and the exquisite taste it achieved.

The pair’s favorite recipe was soaking bratwurst in Milwaukee beer and grilling it to perfection.
Through the years, Offerdahl has gained valuable restaurant experience through the bagel shops that he opened in the 90’s. His strong desire to bring grilling into his restaurant mix helped shaped the format for Offerdahl’s Caf

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